Around the Majors: Angels sign Finley

1) The Angels signed free agent CF Steve Finley to a 2 year, $14 million contract.

After 19 RCAA/.863 OPS and 13 RCAA/.828 OPS seasons, Finley hit .490 SLG, .333 OBA, .823 OPS, 3 RCAA in 162 games with the Diamondbacks and Dodgers. He has a .787 career OPS, compared to his league average of .758, and 118 RCAA in 2289 games.

2) The Diamondbacks signed free agent P Russ Ortiz to a 4 year, $33 million contract.

After 3.61 ERA/5 RSAA and 3.81 ERA/8 RSAA seasons, Ortiz had a 4.13 EAR/4 RSAA in 34 starts with the Braves. He has a 4.00 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.37, and 14 RSAA in 222 games.

3) The Rangers signed free agent RF Richard Hidalgo to a 1 year, $5 million contract.

After -11 RCAA/.734 OPS and 36 RCAA/.957 OPS seasons, Hidalgo had a .444 SLG, .301 OBA, .745 OPS, -20 RCAA in 144 games with the Astros and Mets. He has a .847 career OPS, compared to his league average of .780, and 51 RCAA in 899 games.

4) The Marlins signed free agent Ps Todd Jones (1 year, $1.1 million) and Antonio Alfonseca (2 years, $4.75 million).

After 4.70 ERA/3 RSAA and 7.08 ERA/-18 RSAA seasons, Jones had a 4.15 ERA/-1 RSAA in 78 games with the Reds and Phillies. He has a 4.07 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.41, and 31 RSAA in 744 games.

After 4.00 ERA/0 RSAA and 5.83 ERA/-12 RSAA seasons, Alfonseca had a 2.57 ERA/14 RSAA in 79 games with the Braves. It was the first time in his career that he had a double digit RSAA and he has a 3.89 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.35, and 19 RSAA in 479 games.

5) According to the Denver Post, the Rockies have traded C Charles Johnson to both the Devil Rays and Pirates and Johnson just has to decide which team, if either, he’s willing to waive his no trade clause to go to. The paper also reports the team is getting closer to trading P Shawn Chacon and is shopping CF Preston Wilson.

6) According to the Contra Costa Times, the Cardinals, Braves, Dodgers, Phillies, Orioles, Redsox and Reds are in the running for Tim Hudson.

7) The Yankees are reportedly close to signing free agent P Carl Pavano.

8) The Redsox are reportedly close to signing free agent P David Wells.

9) The Dodgers have made a 7 offer to free agent 3B Adrian Beltre.

10) Reds GM Dan O’Brien denies an Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns for Tim Hudson trade rumor.

11) According to the Detroit Free Press, the Tigers are intersected in free agent 3B Corey Koskie.

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

12) Former umpire Ed Sudol died yesterday, at the age of 84.

13) On November 19, Brian Traxler died at the age of 37.

Traxler was 1 for 11, with a 2B and -2 RCAA, in 9 games with the 1990 Dodgers.

12) The Dodgers claimed P Frank Brooks off waivers from the Pirates.

Brooks had a 4.67 ERA/-1 RSAA in his 11 career games (1 start).

13) The Nippon Ham Fighters signed P Michael Nakamura to a 1 year contract.

Nakamura has a 7.51 ERA/-11 RSAA in 31 career games, including a 7.36 ERA/-7 RSAA in 19 games with the 2004 BlueJays.

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