Around the Majors: Astros, Yankees, Redsox win

1) Yesterday’s scores–

Astros 9, Braves 3 (Astros lead the series, 1-0)
Yankees 7, Twins 6 (12) (series tied, 1-1)
Redsox 8, Angels 3 (Redsox lead the series, 2-0)

2) Today’s schedule–

Astros (Roy Oswalt, 3.49) at Braves (Mike Hampton, 4.28), 4:00
Dodgers (Jeff Weaver, 4.01) at Cardinals (Jason Marquis, 3.71), 8:00

3) Yesterday’s HRs–

Brad Ausmus
Lance Berkman
Carlos Beltran
Jason Lane
Andruw Jones
Torii Hunter
Derek Jeter
Gary Sheffield
Alex Rodriguez
Jason Varitek

4) Astros CF Carlos Beltran had to leave yesterday’s game, after being hit in the ribs by a pitch, and his status for today is questionable.

After 8 RCAA/.847 OPS and 36 RCAA/.911 OPS seasons, Beltran hit .548 SLG, .367 OBA, .915 OPS, 46 RCAA in 159 games (first 69 with the Royals). He has a .844 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and 100 RCAA in 885 games.

Beltran ranks 2nd in the majors in RCAA by a CF, over the past 4 years–

1    Jim Edmonds                 216
2    Carlos Beltran              121
3    Bernie Williams              91
4    Lance Berkman                55
5    Mark Kotsay                  51
6    Mike Cameron                 41
T7   Johnny Damon                 39
T7   Ken Griffey Jr.              39
9    Andruw Jones                 31
10   Vernon Wells                 30

5) Braves 3B Chipper Jones’s sore right hand is bothering him and he is hoping to be able to play today.

After 55 RCAA/.972 OPS and 43 RCAA/.920 OPS seasons, Jones hit .485 SLG, .362 OBA, .847 OPS, 11 RCAA in 137 games. He has a .937 career OPS, compared to his league average of .774, and 429 RCAA in 1542 games.

Jones, who also has 98 RCAA as a LF and 2 as a SS, ranks 5th in career RCAA by a 3B (since 1900, he’s 6th including the 19th century)–

1    Eddie Mathews               652
2    Mike Schmidt                582
3    Wade Boggs                  539
4    George Brett                481
5    Chipper Jones               329
6    Stan Hack                   306
7    Home Run Baker              303
8    Ron Santo                   272
9    Dick Allen                  267
10   Bob Elliott                 258

6) Braves SS Rafael Furcal was sentenced to 21 days in jail, followed by a 28 day in-house treatment program, for violating his probation with a DWI arrest. The sentence was suspended, until the Braves season ends. Until then, he’s sentenced to home confinement when the team is at home, must remain in the hotel if they are on the road and is prohibited from drinking alcohol or getting involved in postgame celebrations.

After -13 RCAA/.710 OPS and 24 RCAA/.794 OPS seasons, Furcal hit .414 SLG, .344 OBA, .758 OPS, 1 RCAA in 143 games. He has a .751 career OPS, compared to his league average of .777, and 10 RCAA in 663 games.

7) Whitesox DH Frank Thomas had ankle surgery and may miss the beginning of spring training. The worst case scenario is he’ll miss all of it.

After 17 RCAA/.834 OPS and 48 RCAA/.952 OPS seasons, Thomas hit .563 SLG, .434 OBA, .997 OPS, 26 RCAA in 74 games. He has a .996 career OPS, compared to his league average of .763, and 796 RCAA in 1925 games.

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

Thomas ranks 8th in AL history for career RCAA–

1    Babe Ruth                  1795
2    Ted Williams               1475
3    Ty Cobb                    1369
4    Lou Gehrig                 1247
5    Mickey Mantle              1099
6    Tris Speaker               1053
7    Jimmie Foxx                 996
8    Frank Thomas                796
9    Eddie Collins               747
10   Joe DiMaggio                708

8) Indians DH Travis Hafner had surgery on his right elbow and is expected to be ready for spring training.

After a .812 OPS/6 RCAA in 2003, Hafner hit .583 SLG, .410 OBA, .993 OPS, 51 RCAA in 140 games. He has a .911 career OPS, compared to his league average of .768, and 55 RCAA in 254 games.

9) The A’s claimed P Tim Harikkala off waivers from the Rockies and designated P Kirk Saarloos for assignment.

Harikkala has a 5.83 ERA/-7 RSAA in 64 career games, including a 4.74 ERA/3 RSAA in 55 games in 2004.

Saarloos has a 5.43 ERA/-18 RSAA in 59 career games, including a 4.44 ERA/1 RSAA in 5 starts (6 games) in 2004.

10) The Reds removed OF John Vander Wal from the 40 man roster and he decided to become a free agent, instead of accepting the assignment to the minors.

After -2 RCAA/.756 OPS and 4 RCAA/.818 OPS seasons, Vander Wal had a .275 SLG, .182 OBA, .456 OPS, -5 RCAA in 42 games (55 PA) in an injury ruined season. He has a .792 career OPS, compared to his league average of .768, and 17 RCAA in 1372 games.

11) The Brewers removed INF Trent Durrington, C Mark Johnson and Ps Jesse Harper, Travis Phelps and Ben Ford from the 40 man roster.

Durrington has -22 RCAA/.516 OPS in 112 career games, including a .402 SLG, .267 OBA, .670 OPS, -4 RCAA in 53 games in 2004.

Johnson has -52 RCAA/.632 OPS in 322 career games, including 1 for 11, with 3 BB and -1 RCAA, in 7 games in 2004.

Phelps has a 4.34 ERA/2 RSAA in 79 career games, including a 10.50 ERA/-4 RSAA in 4 games in 2004.

Ford has a 7.80 ERA/-16 RSAA in 31 career games, including a 6.38 ERA/-5 RSAA in 19 games in 2004.

12) The Expos declined their 2005 option on C Einar Diaz and removed OF Matt Cepicky from the 40 man roster.

After -30 RCAA/.542 OPS and -24 RCAA/.635 OPS seasons, Diaz had a .302 SLG, .293 OBA, .595 OPS, -10 RCAA in 55 games. He has a .656 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and -105 RCAA in 612 games.

Cepicky has -9 RCAA/.604 OPS in 69 career games, including a .333 SLG, .230 OBA, .563 OPS, -5 RCAA in 32 games in 2004.

13) The Twins designated P Joe Beimel for assignment and added newly acquired C Corky Miller to the 40 man roster.

Beimel has a 5.24 ERA/-27 RSAA in 167 career games, including a 43.20 ERA/-7 RSAA in 3 games in 2004.

14) On September 26, Victor Cruz died at the age of 47.

Cruz had a 3.09 career ERA, compared to his league average of 3.99, and 31 RSAA in 187 games with 4 teams from 1978-81 and 1983. His best year was a 1.71 ERA/11 RSAA in 32 games as a rookie with the 1978 BlueJays.

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