Around the Majors: Free agent signings

1) The Expos signed free agents SS Cristian Guzman (4 years, $16.8 million) and 3B Vinny Castilla (2 years, $6.2 million).

After -24 RCAA/.677 OPS and -18 RCAA/.676 OPS seasons, Guzman had a .384 SLG, .309 OBA, .693 OPS, -24 RCAA in 145 games. He has a .685 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and -133 RCAA in 841 games.

Guzman ranks 10th in worst career RCAA through the age of 26–

1    Hal Lanier                 -199   
2    Tommy Thevenow             -194   
3    Tim Foli                   -187   
4    Alfredo Griffin            -171   
5    Jim Levey                  -157   
6    Ed Brinkman                -153   
7    Andres Thomas              -140   
T8   Ozzie Guillen              -137   
T8   Roy McMillan               -137   
10   Cristian Guzman            -133   

After -38 RCAA/.616 OPS and -9 RCAA/.771 OPS seasons, Castilla coorsed his way to a .535 SLG, .332 OBA, .867 OPS, -9 RCAA in 148 games. He has an inflated .813 career OPS, compared to his league average of .771, and -159 RCAA in 1625 games.

Castilla ranks 6th in worst career RCAA by a 3B–

1    Aurelio Rodriguez          -255   
2    Ken Reitz                  -178   
3    Charlie Hayes              -149   
4    Frank O'Rourke             -146   
5    Marv Owen                  -138   
6    Vinny Castilla             -132   
7    Bob Jones                  -125   
T8   Gary Gaetti                -124   
T8   Ossie Bluege               -124   
T10  Babe Pinelli               -113   
T10  Bob Kennedy                -113   

2) The Phillies re-signed free agent P Cory Lidle to a 2 year, $6.3 million contract.

After 3.89 ERA/17 RSAA and 5.75 ERA/-21 RSAA seasons, Lidle had a 4.90 ERA/-19 RSAA in 34 starts (first 24 with the Reds). He has a 4.52 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.47, and -4 RSAA in 215 games.

Lidle just missed having the worst RSAA in the majors over the past 2 years–

T1 Casey Fossum -41
T1 Shawn Estes -41
T1 Ryan Vogelsong -41
4 Cory Lidle -40
5 Ismael Valdes -36
6 Wayne Franklin -35
T7 Todd Van Poppel -33
T7 Chris George -33
9 Jeremy Bonderman -32
T10 Gary Knotts -31
T10 Matt Kinney -31
T10 Kevin Jarvis -31
T10 Brett Myers -31

3) Yankees owner George Steinbrenner met with free agent P Pedro Martinez.

4) According to the Rocky Mountain News, the Rockies are talking to the Devil Rays and Rangers about a trade for P Shawn Chacon. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Whitesox are interested in him, but, instead of trading for him, they want to wait until he’s nontendered and then sign him.

5) According to the Boston Herald, free agent C Damian Miller’s agent says the Redsox made a 2 year offer. But, he’s looking for a 3 year deal.

6) The Dodgers signed INFs Jose Flores and Tony Schrager, OF Tydus Meadows and Ps Ryan Rupe and Buddy Carlyle to minor league contracts and invited them to spring training.

Flores has -2 RCAA/.543 OPS in 16 career games, including 1 for 4, with a BB and -1 RCAA, in 9 games in 2004.

Rupe has a 5.85 ERA/-63 RSAA in 89 career games.

Carlyle had a 7.08 ERA/-13 RSAA in 11 games with the 1999-2000 Padres.

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

7) According to the St. Petersburg Times, the Devil Rays are interested in free agents OF Jeromy Burnitz and Ps Russ Ortiz and Esteban Loaiza.

8) According to NY Newsday, the Mets are close to re-signing free agent P Kris Benson.

9) The Expos added 2B Alejandro Machado to the 40 man roster.

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