Around the Majors: Martinez to the Mets

1) The Mets agreed to a 4 year, $54 million contract with free agent P Pedro Martinez, pending him passing a physical.

After 2.26 ERA/47 RSAA and 2.22 ERA/53 RSAA seasons, Martinez had a 3.90 ERA/24 RSAA in 33 starts. He has a 2.71 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.48, and 477 RSAA in 388 games.

2) Redsox P Curt Schilling has he’s surgically repaired right ankle might not be ready by Opening Day.

After 3.23 ERA/36 RSAA and 2.95 ERA/34 RSAA seasons, Schilling had a 3.26 ERA/42 RSAA in 32 starts. He has a 3.32 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.22, and 327 RSAA in 482 games.

3) According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Cubs could trade Sammy Sosa within the next week to 10 days.

4) The Angels signed free agent P Paul Byrd to a 1 year, $5 million contract.

After missing the 2003 season, Byrd had a 3.94 ERA/5 RSAA in 19 starts with the Braves. He has a 4.33 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.44, and 40 RSAA in 215 games.

5) The Angels traded P Ramon Ortiz to the Reds for P Dustin Moseley.

After 3.77 ERA/13 RSAA and 5.20 ERA/-20 RSAA seasons, Ortiz had a 4.43 ERA/2 RSAA in 34 games (14 starts). He has a 4.60 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.59, and -5 RSAA in 157 games.

6) The Angels designated INF Alfredo Amezaga for assignment.

Amezaga has -16 RCAA/.582 OPS in 122 career games, including a .247 SLG, .212 OBA, .459 OPS, -12 RCAA in 73 games in 2004.

7) The D.C. Council voted 7-6 to require private funding for at least 50% of the Nationals new stadium. MLB does not like that and may move the team again after the 2005 season.

8) According to the Boston Globe, free agent SS Edgar Renteria is expected to decide today whether or not he’s going to sign with the Redsox.

9) The union filed a grievance to overturn the Rockies termination of P Denny Neagle’s contract.

10) The BlueJays traded P Thomas Mastny to the Indians as the player to be named later in a trade that sent John McDonald to the BlueJays.

11) The Giants released C A.J. Pierzynski.

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

After 12 RCAA/.773 OPS and 11 RCAA/.824 OPS seasons, Pierzynski hit .410 SLG, .319 OBA, .729 OPS, -23 RCAA in 131 games. He has a .773 career OPS, compared to his league average of .767, and -15 RCAA in 561 games.

12) The Giants signed Ps Jeff Fassero, Armando Almanza, Brian Cooper, Matt Kinney, Jeremy Fikac, Brandon Puffer and Brandon Villafuerte, C Yamid Haad, INFs Julio Cordido and Donaldo Mendez and OFs Doug Clark and Julio Ramirez to minor league contracts and invited them to spring training.

After 5.35 ERA/-10 RSAA and 5.68 ERA/-13 RSAA seasons, Fassero had a 5.46 ERA/-4 RSAA in 41 games (12 starts) with the Rockies and Diamondbacks (just 1 G with them). He has a 4.09 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.36, and 74 RSAA in 662 games.

Almanza has a 4.87 ERA/-16 RSAA in 248 games, including a 6.17 ERA/-2 RSAA in 13 games with the 2004 Braves. Cooper has a 6.12 ERA/-21 RSAA in 34 career games, including a 8.78 ERA/-6 RSAA in 5 games (2 starts) with the 2004 Giants. Kinney has a 5.27 ERA/-32 RSAA in 98 career games, including a 6.06 ERA/-14 RSAA in 43 games (6 starts) with the 2004 Brewers and Royals. Fikac has a 4.56 ERA/-9 RSAA in 121 career games, including a 5.40 ERA/-4 RSAA in 19 games with the 2004 Expos. Puffer has a 4.75 ERA/-6 RSAA in 82 career games, including a 5.50 ERA/-3 RSAA in 14 games with the 2004 Padres. Villafuerte has a 4.12 ERA/-1 RSAA in 91 career games, including a 4.05 ERA/1 RSAA in 20 games with the 2004 Diamondbacks.

Haad was 0 for 1 in 1 game with the 1999 Pirates. Mendez has -15 RCAA/.523 OPS in 72 career games. Ramirez has -10 RCAA/.443 OPS in 72 career games.

13) The Indians designated DH Josh Phelps for assignment.

After 17 RCAA/.925 OPS and 4 RCAA/.827 OPS seasons, Phelps hit .450 SLG, .304 OBA, .754 OPS, -12 RCAA in 103 games (first 79 with the BlueJays). He has a .818 career OPS, compared to his league average of .765, and 6 RCAA in 305 games.

14) The Rockies signed SS Eddy Garabito and C Danny Ardoin to minor league contracts.

Ardoin has -3 RCAA/.539 OPS in 21 career games, including 1 for 8, with 3 BB, in 6 games with the 2004 Rangers.

15) The Whitesox designated P Ryan Meaux for assignment.

16) The Dodgers signed P Kelly Wunsch to a minor league contract.

Wunsch has a 3.64 ERA/19 RSAA in 212 career games, including a 0.00 ERA/1 RSAA in 3 games with the 2004 Whitesox.

17) The Devil Rays signed 1B-3B Earl Snyder to a minor league contract.

Snyder has -5 RCAA/.565 OPS in 19 career games, including 1 for 4 in 1 game with the 2004 Redsox.

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