Around the Majors: Postseason starts

1) Yesterday’s scores–

Cardinals 8, Dodgers 3
Redsox 9, Angels 3
Twins 2, Yankees 0

2) Today’s schedule–

Astros (Roger Clemens, 2.98) at Braves (Jaret Wright, 3.28), 4:00
Twins (Brad Radke, 3.48) at Yankees (Jon Lieber, 4.33), 7:00
Redsox (Pedro Martinez, 3.90) at Angels (Bartolo Colon, 5.01), 10:00

3) Yesterday’s HRs–

Larry Walker–2
Albert Pujols
Jim Edmonds
Mike Matheny
Tom Wilson
Kevin Millar
Manny Ramirez
Troy Glaus
Darin Erstad
Jacque Jones

4) Reds 1B Sean Casey had arthroscopic knee surgery and is expected to be ready for spring training.

After -15 RCAA/.696 OPS and -2 RCAA/.758 OPS seasons, Casey hit .534 SLG, .381 OBA, .915 OPS, 40 RCAA in 146 games. He has a .839 career OPS, compared to his league average of .780, and 89 RCAA in 944 games.

5) Rockies 2B Aaron Miles had knee surgery, to remove a cyst, and is expected to be ready for spring training.

After starting his career with 8 games with the 2003 Whitesox, Miles had a .368 SLG, .329 OBA, .697 OPS, -32 RCAA in 134 games.

6) The Tigers exercised their option on manager Alan Trammell’s contract to keep him for the 2006 season.

7) Ken Caminiti was sentenced to 180 days in jail, for violation of his probation for testing positive for cocaine last month. But, since he’s already spent 189 bars in jail and a treatment center, he was released.

8) The Tigers removed Ps John Ennis and Craig Dingman from the 40 man roster. They both became free agents when they refused assignments to the minors.

Ennis has a 7.65 ERA/-7 RSAA in 13 career games, including a 8.44 ERA/-7 RSAA in 12 games in 2004.

Dingman has a 7.74 ERA/-16 RSAA in 41 career games, including a 6.75 ERA/-7 RSAA in 24 games in 2004.

9) Pirates P Kip Wells had surgery on his right hand, due to numbness in his middle finger. It’s unrelated to the elbow problem that shortened his season.

MLB’s Diversity Fellowship Is a Step in the Right Direction
It is not a perfect program, but it certainly counts as progress.

After 3.58 ERA/17 RSAA and 3.28 ERA/21 RSAA seasons, Wells had a 4.55 ERA/-7 RSAA in 24 starts. He has a 4.20 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.39, and 22 RSAA in 155 games.

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