Around the Majors: Redsox go for the clincher today

1) Yesterday’s scores–

Braves 4, Astros 2 (11) (series tied, 1-1)
Cardinals 8, Dodgers 3 (Cardinals lead series, 2-0)

2) Today’s schedule–

Angels (Kelvim Escobar, 3.93) at Redsox (Bronson Arroyo, 4.03), 4:00 (Redsox lead series, 2-0)
Yankees (Kevin Brown, 4.09) at Twins (Carlos Silva, 4.21), 8:00 (series tied, 1-1)

3) Yesterday’s HRs–

Jeff Bagwell
Raul Chavez
Rafael Furcal
Jayson Werth
Shawn Green
Milton Bradley

4) Cubs RF Sammy Sosa was fined 1 game’s pay ($87,400) for showing up late for the season finale. This incident has led to speculation that he’s going to be on the trading block.

After 58 RCAA/.993 OPS and 25 RCAA/.911 OPS seasons, Sosa hit .517 SLG, .332 OBA, .849 OPS, 5 RCAA in 126 games. He has a .892 career OPS, compared to his league average of .762, and 353 RCAA in 2138 games.

Sosa ranks 8th in NL history for SLG vs. the league average (min: 7500 PA)–

SLG                             DIFF   PLAYER   LEAGUE   
1    Barry Bonds                .197     .611     .414   
2    Rogers Hornsby             .186     .578     .392   
3    Hank Aaron                 .167     .567     .399   
4    Stan Musial                .157     .559     .402   
5    Willie Mays                .156     .557     .401   
6    Larry Walker               .149     .568     .419   
7    Willie Stargell            .143     .529     .386   
8    Sammy Sosa                 .142     .569     .428   
9    Mike Schmidt               .138     .527     .389   
10   Mel Ott                    .135     .533     .398   

5) The Rangers claimed P Ryan Wing off waivers from the Whitesox and removed OF Chad Allen, C Ken Huckaby and P Michael Tejera from the 40 man roster.

Allen has -31 RCAA/.714 OPS in 246 career games, including a .345 SLG, .262 OBA, .607 OPS, -5 RCAA in 20 games in 2004.

Huckaby has -27 RCAA/.547 OPS in 118 career games, including a .200 SLG, .218 OBA, .418 OPS, -7 RCAA in 24 games (first 8 with the Orioles).

Tejera has a 5.06 ERA/-27 RSAA in 108 career games, including a 13.50 ERA/-9 RSAA in 8 games in 2004 (first 2 with the Marlins).

6) The Reds removed OF Jacob Cruz from the 40 man roster and he became a free agent when he refused the assignment to the minors.

After being out of the majors in 2003, Cruz hit .340 SLG, .317 OBA, .658 OPS, -6 RCAA in a career high 96 games. He has a .702 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and -26 RCAA in 299 games.

7) The Padres released P Jay Witasick and removed OF Kerry Robinson and Ps Steve Watkins and Ricky Stone from the 40 man roster.

May I Have Your Autograph, Please?
The payoff of being polite.

After 2.37 ERA/11 RSAA and 4.53 ERA/-3 RSAA seasons, Witasick had a 3.21 ERA/5 RSAA in 44 games. He has a 4.72 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.60, and -18 RSAA in 289 games.

After -5 RCAA/.660 OPS and -11 RCAA/.603 OPS seasons, Robinson had a .337 SLG, .330 OBA, .667 OPS, -1 RCAA in 80 games (101 PA). He has a .644 career OPS, compared to his league average of .773, and -22 RCAA in 445 games.

After starting his career with 3.61 ERA/6 RSAA and 3.69 ERA/7 RSAA seasons (he also pitched in 6 games in 2001), Stone had a 6.45 ERA/-14 RSAA in 43 games (first 16 with the Astros). He has a 4.26 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.23, and 1 RSAA in 192 games.

8) The Phillies will interview Don Baylor, Grady Little and Charlie Manuel for their managerial job next week.

9) The Mets will interview former BlueJays manager Carlos Tosca for their managerial position, with Don Baylor, Willie Randolph, Jim Fregosi and Cito Gaston also mentioned as possibilities.

10) Diamondbacks interim manager Al Pedrique interviewed for the permanent position yesterday, with Wally Backman, Bob Melvin, Jim Fregosi, Mark Grace, Ron Hassey, Joe Maddon being mentioned as possibilities.

11) Braves P Mike Hampton had to leave yesterday’s game, due to tightness in his forearm. He says it’s just a cramp and he’ll be able to make his next start, presuming that the team is still alive to give him one.

Hampton also has torn cartilage in his left knee, which will require offseason surgery. After 6.15 ERA/-22 RSAA and 3.874 ERA/7 RSAA seasons, Hampton had a 4.28 ERA/0 RSAA in 29 starts. He has a 3.99 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.32, and 79 RSAA in 363 games.

12) Redsox CF Johnny Damon is having migraine headaches, but isn’t expected to have to miss any time.

After 24 RCAA/.799 OPS and 2 RCAA/.750 OPS seasons, Damon hit .477 SLG, .380 OBA, .857 OPS, 25 RCAA in 150 games. He has a .782 career OPS, compared to his league average of .775, and 72 RCAA in 1407 games.

13) The Whitesox removed Ps Josh Stewart, Enemencio Pacheco and David Sanders from the 40 man roster.

Stewart has a 8.10 ERA/-13 RSAA in 8 career games, including a 15.26 ERA/-9 RSAA in 3 games (2 starts) in 2004.

Sanders had a 6.14 ERA/-4 RSAA in 20 games in 2003.

14) The Rockies removed INF Andy Tracy, OF Rene Reyes and Ps Denny Stark, Adam Bernero and Chris Gissell from the 40 man roster.

Tracy has -8 RCAA/.720 OPS in 136 career games, including a .250 SLG, .235 OBA, .485 OPS, -2 RCAA in 15 games (17 PA) in 2004.

Stark has a 5.78 ERA/-23 RSAA in 64 career games, including a 11.42 ERA/-18 RSAA in 6 starts in 2004.

After 6.20 ERA/-23 RSAA and 5.87 ERA/-22 RSAA seasons, Bernero had a 5.57 ERA/-1 RSAA in 16 games (2 starts). He has a 5.82 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.50, and -48 RSAA in 110 games.

Gissell had a 14.54 ERA/-9 RSAA in his first 5 career games (1 starts).

15) The Indians removed SS Ivan Ochoa, OF Ernie Young and P Jake Robbins from the 40 man roster.

Young has -41 RCAA/.688 OPS in 288 career games, including 2 for 4, with a BB and 1 RCAA, in 3 games in 2004.

Robbins had a 5.40 ERA/0 RSAA in his first 2 career games.

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