Around the Majors: Redsox-Rockies trade

1) The Redsox traded P Byung-Hyun Kim to the Rockies for C Charles Johnson, minor league P Chris Narveson and cash.

After 2.04 ERA/23 RSAA and 3.31 ERA/20 RSAA seasons, Kim had a 6.23 ERA/-3 RSAA in 7 games (3 starts). He has a 3.37 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.41, and 60 RSAA in 299 games.

The Rockies are including $2.6 million in the trade, to cover a good chunk of the difference between what the Redsox have to pay Johnson when they released him and what they have to pay Kim.

So, the Rockies are in the same position, or extremely close to it, as if they traded for Kim, had the Redsox pay his entire salary, and then they were the ones who released Johnson and ate his contract.

But, (1) Bud may have vetoed $6 million being involved in the deal and (2) by not being the one who both signed Johnson to a silly contract and then had to eat it, the Rockies may think they are saving face here.

Johnson is still expected to end up with the Devil Rays.

2) The Orioles traded P Matt Riley to the Rangers for minor league OF Ramon Nivar. In a separate deal, the Orioles traded minor league C Keith McDonald to the Rangers for future considerations.

Riley has a 5.40 ERA/-6 RSAA in 19 career games, including a 5.63 ERA/-6 RSAA in 13 starts (14 games) in 2004.

Nivar has -13 RCAA/.505 OPS in 35 career games, including a .221 SLG, .211 OBA, .433 OPS, -3 RCAA in 7 games in 2004.

3) The Braves named John Smoltz their Opening Day starter.

After 3.25 ERA/8 RSAA and 1.12 ERA/22 RSAA seasons, Smoltz had a 2.76 ERA/14 RSAA in 73 games. He has a 3.27 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.01, and 239 RSAA in 602 games. Smoltz hasn’t been a starter since he made 5 starts in 2001.

Smoltz ranks 17th in NL history for career RSAA (since 1900)–

1    Greg Maddux                 553   
2    Grover C Alexander          524   
3    Christy Mathewson           405   
4    Tom Seaver                  362   
5    Carl Hubbell                355   
6    Bob Gibson                  350   
7    Phil Niekro                 337   
8    Warren Spahn                319   
9    Randy Johnson               315   
10   Steve Carlton               311   
11   Tom Glavine                 294   
12   Curt Schilling              291   
13   Three Finger Brown          276   
14   Juan Marichal               258   
15   Kevin Brown                 257   
16   Dazzy Vance                 256   
17   John Smoltz                 239   
18   Don Drysdale                229   
19   Sandy Koufax                220   
20   Eppa Rixey                  217   

4) The Astros placed OF Lance Berkman on the 15 day DL.

Berkman is recovering from surgery on a torn ACL and is expected to miss the first 3-4 weeks of the season. After 55 RCAA/.982 OPS and 40 RCAA/.927 OPS seasons, Berkman hit .566 SLG, .450 OBA, 1.016 OPS, 69 RCAA in 160 games. He has a .980 career OPS, compared to his league average of .777, and 254 RCAA in 775 games.

5) The Braves released P Gabe White.

White has a 4.55 ERA/12 RSAA in 466 career games, including a 6.94 ERA/-19 RSAA in 64 games with the 2004 Yankees and Reds.

A comparative study on an unwritten rule of baseball.

6) The Yankees will send P Buddy Groom to the minors.

After 1.60 ERA/19 RSAA and 5.36 ERA/-5 RSAA seasons, Groom had a 4.78 ERA/0 RSAA in 60 games with the Orioles. He has a 4.63 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.62, and -5 RSAA in 739 games.

7) The owners unanimously approved the sale of the A’s to real estate developer Lewis Wolff.

8) The Whitesox sent C Ben Davis to the minors.

Davis has -60 RCAA/.672 OPS in 486 career games, including a .347 SLG, .256 OBA, .603 OPS, -15 RCAA in 68 games with the Mariners and Whitesox.

9) Whitesox P Dustin Hermanson’s 3 game suspension, for hitting Jeff Kent with a pitch last September, was reduced to 1 game. He will serve it on April 6.

After 7.77 ERA/-8 RSAA and 4.06 ERA/1 RSAA seasons, Hermanson had a 4.53 ERA/-1 RSAA in 47 games (18 starts) with the Giants. He has a 4.31 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.39, and 8 RSAA in 294 games.

10) The Rangers sent INFs Manny Alexander and Esteban German, OF Jason Conti and P Ricardo Rodriguez to the minors.

11) The Cubs traded INF Cody Ransom to the Rangers for future considerations.

Ransom, who had spent his whole career with the Giants, has -6 RCAA/.660 OPS in 114 career games, including a .382 SLG, .320 OBA, .702 OPS, -4 RCAA in 78 games in 2004.

12) According to the Palm Beach Post, the Marlins have lost interest in Tigers OF Bobby Higginson.

13) The Marlins released P Justin Wayne and sent P Ben Howard to the minors.

Wayne has a 6.13 ERA/-15 RSAA in 26 career games, including a 5.79 ERA/-6 RSAA in 19 games (1 start) in 2004.

14) The Giants released Ps Wayne Franklin and Al Levine.

Franklin has a 5.47 ERA/-35 RSAA in 119 career games, including a 6.39 ERA/-11 RSAA in 43 games (2 starts) in 2004.

Levine has a 3.85 ERA/53 RSAA in 407 career games, including a 4.58 ERA/-1 RSAA in 65 games with the 2004 Tigers.

15) The A’s sent C Jeremy Brown and P Dan Meyer to the minors.

16) The Dodgers sold C David Ross to the Pirates.

Ross has -7 RCAA/.703 OPS in 118 career games, including a .291 SLG, .253 OBA, .544 OPS, -14 RCAA in 70 games in 2004.

17) The Pirates sent OF Ben Grieve and P Mark Corey to the minors.

After 4 RCAA/.784 OPS and -1 RCAA/.716 OPS seasons, Grieve hit .424 SLG, .361 OBA, .784 OPS, 0 RCAA in 123 games with the Brewers and Cubs. He has a .810 career OPS, compared to his league average of .775, and 55 RCAA in 953 games.

18) The Whitesox placed P Felix Diaz on the 15 day DL.

Diaz has a strained back. He had a 6.75 ERA/-10 RSAA in his first 18 career games (7 starts).

19) The Phillies placed P Vicente Padilla on the 15 day DL, released P Amaury Telemaco, waived OF Shane Victorino and sent 1B Ryan Howard, OF Mark Budzinski and C A.J. Hinch to the minors,

Padilla has triceps tendinitis. After 3.28 ERA/11 RSAA and 3.62 ERA/10 RSAA seasons, he had a 4.53 ERA/-3 RSAA in 20 starts. Padilla has a 3.77 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.28, and 21 RSAA in 167 games.

Telemaco has a 4.96 ERA/-38 RSAA in 212 career games, including a 4.31 ERA/0 RSAA in 42 games in 2004.

Victorino was a Rule 5 draftee. If he clears waivers, he has to be offered back to the Dodgers.

20) The Cubs sent OFs Angel Echevarria and Calvin Murray and P Will Ohman to the minors, released P Stephen Randolph, placed P Joe Borowski on the 15 day DL, retroactive to March 25, and added P Scott Williamson on the 40 man roster.

Borowski has a broken right wrist and is expected back in the middle of May. After 2.73 ERA/14 RSAA and 2.63 ERA/12 RSAA seasons, he had a 8.02 ERA/-8 RSAA in 22 games. Borowski has a 3.80 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.24, and 13 RSAA in 221 games.

Williamson will be removed from the 40 man roster when he’s placed on the 60 day DL later in the month. He’s recovering from Tommy John surgery and isn’t expected back until after the all star break, if at all this year.

Randolph has a 4.89 ERA/-5 RSAA in 95 career games, including a 5.51 ERA/-10 RSAA in 45 games (6 starts) with the 2004 Diamondbacks.

21) The Cardinals sent P Kevin Jarvis to the minors.

22) The Rockies placed P Aaron Cook on the 15 day DL, retroactive to March 25, and sent P Aaron Taylor to the minors.

Cook is recovering from surgery to remove blood clots in his lungs. He’s expected to start a rehab assignment in early May and then be ready for the majors the next month. Cook has a 5.16 ERA/-5 RSAA in 68 career games, including a 4.28 ERA/10 RSAA in 16 starts in 2004.

23) The BlueJays sent INF Julius Matos to the minors.

24) The Brewers sent OF Dave Krynzel and Ps Justin Lehr and Julio Santana to the minors.

25) The Angels signed INF Andy Fox to a minor league contract and sent 3B Dallas McPherson and P Chris Bootcheck to the minors.

McPherson is a Rookie of the Year candidate and is being sent to the minors so he can get some AB in the first 10 days of the season.

Fox has -67 RCAA/.662 OPS in 776 career games, including a .145 SLG, .107 OBA, .253 OPS, -9 RCAA in 46 games with the 2004 Expos and Rangers.

26) The Indians released OF Darren Bragg and P Graeme Lloyd.

Bragg has -67 RCAA/.721 OPS in 916 career games, including a .356 SLG, .261 OBA, .618 OPS, -6 RCAA in 47 games with the 2004 Padres and Reds.

Lloyd, who didn’t pitch in the majors in 2004, has a 4.04 ERA/37 RSAA in 568 career games.

27) The Tigers sent OF Dewayne Wise and C Sandy Martinez to the minors.

28) The Pirates added P Rick White to the 40 man roster.

29) The Reds sent C Bobby Estalella, utilityman Jason Romano and Ps Jose Acevedo, Todd Coffey and Jeriome Robertson to the minors.

Estalella requested and was granted his release.

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