Around the Majors: Royals-Padres trade

1) The Padres traded LF Terrence Long and P Dennis Tankersley to the Padres for Ps Darrell May and Ryan Bukvich.

After -27 RCAA/.689 OPS and -12 RCAA/.678 OPS seasons, Long hit .420 SLG, .335 OBA, .756 OPS, -3 RCAA in 136 games. He has a .730 career OPS, compared to his league average of .770, and -44 RCAA in 741 games.

Among OF, Long ranked 2nd in the majors in worst RCAA over the past 3 years–

1    Endy Chavez                 -48   
2    Terrence Long               -42   
T3   Doug Glanville              -41   
T3   Ron Calloway                -41   
5    Timo Perez                  -36   
6    Gabe Kapler                 -33   
7    Jose Macias                 -32   
T8   Juan Encarnacion            -30   
T8   Roger Cedeno                -30   
10   Michael Tucker              -29   

Tankersley has a 7.61 ERA/-37 RSAA in 27 career games, including a 5.14 ERA/-5 RSAA in 9 games (6 starts) in 2004.

After 5.35 ERA/-1 RSAA and 3.77 ERA/32 RSAA seasons, May had a 5.61 ERA/-25 RSAA in 31 starts. He has a 4.98 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.55, and -6 RSAA in 137 games.

Bukvich has a 6.54 ERA/-6 RSAA in 44 career games, including a 3.68 ERA/1 RSAA in 9 games in 2004.

2) The Expos released P Rocky Biddle. (No, they won’t continue to be called the Expos. But, until the team is renamed, it’s either sticking with Expos or reporting them as “the ????.”)

After 4.06 ERA/5 RSAA and 4.65 ERA/4 RSAA seasons, Biddle had a 6.92 ERA/-25 RSAA in 47 games (9 starts). He has a 5.47 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.43, and -35 RSAA in 198 games.

3) The Angels re-signed OF Curtis Pride to a minor league contract.

Pride has -11 RCAA/.736 OPS in 388 career games, including a .325 SLG, .268 OBA, .593 OPS, -3 RCAA in 35 games (42 PA) in 2004.

4) According to the Boston Herald, the Redsox are interested in SS Omar Vizquel and Ps Carl Pavano, Brad Radke and Jaret Wright, who will all be a free agents.

5) According to the NY Daily News, the Yankees and Redsox could be having a bidding war for Pavano, while the Redsox could be interested in Jon Lieber, who will also be a free agent.

6) Whitesox GM Kenny Williams says his top priorities are acquiring a starting pitcher and a reliever, while the Daily Herald reports they are also in the market for either a 2B or SS, depending on where Juan Uribe plays in 2005.

7) The Astros named Cecil Cooper bench coach.

8) Yankees pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre has decided to stay. His annual retirement stories turned out as wrong this year as they’ve been for each of the past few years. Meanwhile, there were rumors that hitting coach Don Mattingly was going to step down, but he’s also staying.

9) Troy Percival’s agent says 12 teams have contacted him, but 3 of them were eliminated since they aren’t interested in letting him pitch the 9th inning.

A comparative study on an unwritten rule of baseball.

Correction from yesterday–The Marlins named Harry Dunlop (not Hunlop) bullpen coach.

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