Around the Majors: Trade rumors

1) According to the Philadelphia Intelligencer, the Phillies and Cardinals have had “serious talks” about a Kevin Millwood and Placido Polanco for Matt Morris and Steve Kline deal. The paper also reports the Phillies turned down an offer to trade Polanco to the Yankees for Kenny Lofton, the A’s are also interested in Polanco, and the Phillies are also rumored to be interested in Barry Zito and Kris Benson.

2) According to the LA Times, the Angels dissatisfaction with Bartolo Colon means they think they could lack the dominant starting pitcher that they need, so they could be turning their attention to Randy Johnson.

The paper reports the Angels are rumored to have had preliminary talks, with the Diamondbacks interested in prospects Jeff Mathis and either Dallas McPherson or Casey Kotchman, while the Diamondbacks are also interested in P Scot Shields and maybe P Ramon Ortiz.

3) According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Giants have asked about Tigers P Ugueth Urbina, but have been told he’s not currently available.

4) According to the Newark Star Ledger, the Pirates are interested in Mets 3B Ty Wigginton, if Kris Benson is traded to NY.

5) According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Twins are interested in BlueJays P Miguel Batista.

6) The Whitesox activated RF Magglio Ordonez from the DL and sent P Felix Diaz to the minors.

After 46 RCAA/.978 OPS and 39 RCAA/.926 OPS seasons, Ordonez is hitting .521 SLG, .370 OBA, .891 OPS, 5 RCAA in his first 42 games. He has a .892 career OPS, compared to his league average of .774, and 146 RCAA in 991 games.

Diaz has a 8.81 ERA/-8 RSAA in his first 4 career starts (5 games).

7) Whitesox DH Frank Thomas might not be able to delay surgery on bone chips in his left foot until after the season and he could be headed to the DL.

After 17 RCAA/.834 OPS and 48 RCAA/.952 OPS seasons, Thomas is hitting .563 SLG, .434 OBA, .997 OPS, 25 RCAA in his first 74 games. He has a .996 career OPS, compared to his league average of .763, and 795 RCAA in 1925 games.

8) The Dodgers took over sole possession of 1st place in the NL West.

9) Ken Griffey Jr. watch–hit #501, is 3 behind Eddie Murray for 19th place on the all time HR list.

10) Manny Ramirez passed Gil Hodges into 57th place on the all time HR list, with 371.

11) The Orioles called up INF Jose Leon.

Leon has -10 RCAA/.599 OPS in 70 career games, including a .286 SLG, .182 OBA, .468 OPS, -4 RCAA in 13 games in 2004.

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12) The Indians sent P Jason Davis to the minors and called up P Cliff Bartosh.

Davis has a 5.01 ERA/-21 RSAA in 48 career games, including a 6.00 ERA/-16 RSAA in 18 starts in 2004.

Bartosh has a 7.00 ERA/-2 RSAA in his first 19 career games.

13) The Yankees sent Ps Brad Halsey and Bret Prinz to the minors, called up Ps Juan Padilla and Sam Marsonek and designated minor league INF Kevin Hooper for assignment.

Halsey has a 7.23 ERA/-6 RSAA in his first 4 career starts.

Prinz has a 4.91 ERA/-2 RSAA in 86 career games, including a 4.49 ERA/-2 RSAA in 17 games in 2004.

14) The Devil Rays sent P Jeremi Gonzalez to the minors.

After a 3.91 ERA/10 RSAA season, Gonzalez is off to a 7.02 ERA/-11 RSAA start in his first 8 starts (9 games). He has a 4.65 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.36, and -10 RSAA in 77 games.

Seay has a 4.91 ERA/-1 RSAA in 25 career games.

15) Dodgers P Guillermo Mota pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor reckless driving charge, from an arrest in April 2003. He was sentenced to 3 years probation and a $1,500 fine.

After 4.15 ERA/-3 RSAA and 1.97 ERA/24 RSAA seasons, Mota is off to a 1.76 ERA/13 RSAA start in his first 41 games. He has a 3.28 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.34, and 37 RSAA in 293 games.

16) Dodgers 3B Adrian Beltre has had to leave both of the past game games, due to a strained right quadriceps, and 1B Shawn Green had to leave yesterday’s game, after being hit in the left knee by a pitch.

Beltre is expected to be out until after the break. After -8 RCAA/.729 OPS and -14 RCAA/.714 OPS seasons, he is hitting .580 SLG, .355 OBA, .935 OPS, 21 RCAA in his first 82 games. Beltre has a .766 career OPS, compared to his league average of .779, and 1 RCAA in 892 games.

Green is day to day. After 42 RCAA/.944 OPS and 15 RCAA/.814 OPS seasons, he is hitting .408 SLG, .339 OBA, .747 OPS, -4 RCAA in his first 81 games. Green has a .863 career OPS, compared to his league average of .779, and 211 RCAA in 1438 games.

17) Rangers Ps Jay Powell and Jeff Zimmerman had season ending surgeries.

Powell had Tommy John surgery.

Zimmerman had his flexor tendon repaired and hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2001.

18) The Rockies called up P Allan Simpson.

Simpson has a 5.23 ERA/0 RSAA in his first 11 career games.

19) The Padres removed minor league INF Bernie Castro from the 40 man roster.

20) The Pirates signed P Kevin Jarvis to a minor league contract.

Jarvis has a 5.93 ERA/-127 RSAA in 174 career games, including a 10.80 ERA/-11 RSAA with the 2004 Rockies and Mariners.

21) The Mets have reportedly signed some guy to a 3 year, $3 million contract.

According to the New York Times, “The Mets are close to signing a Cuban defector whose age, name and medical history are all in question. Alay Soler, a right-hander who has also been referred to as Alain Soler, is somewhere around 24 years old, has had at least one major arm operation and has agreed to a three-year, $3 million contract with the Mets.”

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