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Ben takes a look at the shortstop position and ranks a group that doesn’t have Alex Rodriguez at the top for the first time in a long time.

Ben takes a look at the top 20 fantasy third baseman, starting with a former shortstop and ending with a former Little League World Series hero.

Ben takes a look at the uninspiring group of second basemen and tries to find 20 worth ranking.

Ben ranks the top 20 first baseman from somebody who hits like Ted Williams to somebody with the eyesight of Ted Williams.

Ben ranks the top 20 catchers in baseball for fantasy purposes and sees a lot of old guys who aren’t that inspiring.

Ben finishes his series on each team’s offseason moves by ranking the teams that had the five best winters in baseball.

Ben continues his look at each team’s offseason by ranking teams No. 6 through No. 15.

Ben looks back at the off-season and ranks the 30 teams based on what they did.

Ben finishes his series of ranking the best keepers at each position by looking at the top 25 starting pitchers to hold on to.

Now that the football season is over, people are turning all their attention to the upcoming baseball season. Ben looks into the fantasy e-mailbag again to help them out.

Ben looks into his fantasy e-mailbag for the first time this year and finds some questions that need answering.

Ben takes a look at the closers in baseball and ranks the top 10 keepers for fantasy purposes.

Ben takes a look at the outfielders and ranks the top 20 fantasy keepers at the position.

Alex Rodriguez no longer qualifies, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to choose from at the shortstop position. Ben ranks his top 10 shortstop keepers.

Ben takes a look at the strong pool of third basemen and ranks his top 10 keepers at the position. (Updated Dec. 22, 2004.)

Ben picks through the uninspiring group of fantasy second basemen to find the top 10 players to keep at the position.

Ben looks at the power-packed list of the top 10 first basemen worth keeping in fantasy leagues for next season.

Ben takes a look at some of the players who could be changing uniforms via trade this offseason.

With 1918 and 86 rendered meaningless, it’s time to talk about some really important numbers.

Finally, for the first time since 1918, the Red Sox are the champions of baseball.