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The Statcast product is constantly evolving. Let’s see what’s different this season.

What do we mean by consistency, and do we want it from our players?

The latest installment turns to the amateur level.

The first entry in a new series.

Scratching the surface of being able to accurately gauge whether a batted ball’s characteristics should make it a hit or an out.

Incorporating lessons learned into a comprehensive data package for baseball analysis.

Better baseball research is within your grasp.

Just having the right data isn’t enough.

In the first of a two-part series, examining the different facets of data and how they apply to a baseball front office.

Continuing the quest to determine how many wins consistent play is or is not worth to major league teams.

We’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to using PITCHf/x data to tell us about hitters.

A first attempt at defining the vertical edges of the strike zone for the Edge% metric.

How do hitters go about combating the inevitable effects of aging?

A continued exploration of what kind of attributes make a hitter appear more or less consistent throughout the season.