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The Red Sox will make the playoffs and the Giants will finish last; based on our staff predictions, you can take those two to the bank. Everything in between is up for grabs.

A new blog by the Hardball Times staff.

In the longest round table ever, the THT staff tackles the Bedard trade, what it means for the Mariners and just how lucky they were last season.

THT’s staff chimes in with the winners and losers from yesterday’s blockbuster.

THT’s staff predicts big things in the desert next season, a revitalizing of the A’s and likes the deals handed out to middle infielders in the latest installment of our hot stove round tables.

THT’s staff of writers debate the merits of Aaron Rowand’s five-year deal with the Giants, break down the prospects in the Miguel Tejada trade and round up yesterday’s transactions.

THT’s staff talks about the deals for Andruw Jones, Eric Gagne and others, including some fresh out of the oven projections from THT’s newly revamped projection system.

THT’s writers gather around the hot stove and react to the Miguel Cabrera trade, the Johan Santana rumors and other moves around baseball.

Jonesing for some baseball? Have a fix of Mailbag, complete with discussion of the NL’s inferiority and how teams win when their players play well.

There have been no better stories in baseball than the comebacks by the Phillies and Rockies. Why the Rockies’ run is about to end.

THT’s staff of writers and analysts work overtime to fill this double-stuff edition of the mailbag.

How Billy Beane is remaking the A’s.

Why Red Sox fans can calm down, whether WPA can explain differences in expected records and much more.

A look at the team with the best pitching and second worst offense in the American League, and more talkin’ baseball with the THT staff.

Readers ask questions about how to become a MLB stats guy and Joe Torre’s pitching decisions, and the Hardball Times staff answers.

What happens when a blogger can’t figure out how to work Expression Engine?