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The Links might be undergoing some changes. We’d like to know what you think. Oh yeah, and baseball stuff happened yesterday too.

This week, we have some great questions left over from the end of the offseason, covering everything from a couple of the worst everyday hitters in the league to who’s going to win the AL Central.

… and other wacky opening week happenings!

Now that March Madness is over, let the games begin!

The Yankees Opening Day starter is going to be who?

How good was Dice-K’s start yesterday? What do all the projections say about your team’s playoff chances? Check out the links.

A busy day in the baseball world today, with David Wells being diagnosed with diabetes, the Phillies struggling with their rotation logjam and one baseball stadium changing its name.

March Madness begins, but the baseball world marches on.

What do hockey and video games have to do with baseball?

A quiet day around the majors, as spring training continues and opening day draws near.

We were so inspired by Rob Neyer, that we decided to put out the longest mailbag ever. Check in for thoughts on Carlos Guillen, line drives, chewing tobacco, clutch and the yips.

Check out the funniest story ever linked.

A jumbo-sized edition of the Links for your perusal.

Ever wanted to prove that you know more about baseball than the “experts”? Here’s your big chance to prove it.

The Links are back, and here to stay.

There’s baseball in the air.

Spring brings nagging injuries, a $2.35 million baseball card and the first games of the 2007 campaign.

The Mets get older, a cool Major League internship opportunity and a comprehensive look at the Yankees roster.

Why Sandy Koufax wasn’t in Dave’s greatest pitchers of all time article, and whether consistency leads to fantasy championships. Next, in the THT Mailbag.

What happens when Bryan can’t think of a title for the Links?