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Fastballs, poker, and laundry. All the ingredients for a Hall of Fame career.

Finally, the last installment of this interminable series

19-aughts. That’s what Jethro Bodine would call that decade, right?

The pitchers who had the most productive final season

The ball was dead, but the rookie performances were spectacular.

Players with the most productive final season

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The best .198-hitting, 33-year-old catcher on earth

A look back at a decade my grandmother remembers fondly.

A look back at a pretty good career, now that the smoke has cleared

Of all the baseball articles on all the sites in all the world, you walked into mine.

A loving portrait of Atlanta’s Beef Animal.

A top 10 list starring some of the all-time greats. And Jerry Mathers, as the Beaver.

Putting Clayton Kershaw into historical perspective.

A psychedelic look at the top newcomers of a far-out decade.

…and boy, do I have three good candidates for you.

Watergate. The Dark Side of the Moon. Archie Bunker. Rookies.

A moonwalk down memory lane, remembering the top rookies of the decade when video killed the radio star.

The brilliant, yet under-appreciated, season of Miami’s Jose Fernandez

A completely serious examination of the Decade of Hamelin