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What teams left their old home stadiums with the best finales? Now you can find out.

I come not to praise the firing, but to analyze it.

Another one bites the dust: a look at the firing of Cecil Cooper.

Presenting it a bit early to beat the Christmas rush, Chris presents the best games ever played in the Metrodome (so far).

As you probably know, the Pirates recently clinched their 17th consecutive losing season. But what are their highlights in that stretch?

Wouldn’t you reach down a little bit deeper if you were a starting pitcher with 19 losses to your name?

Here is some stuff that Chris would’ve put in his upcoming book Evaluating Baseball’s Managers, had he thought about it before submitting the manuscript to the publisher.

There is something to be said about enjoying a random game that turns into something special.

THT’s annual recap of the most enjoyable weekend of the year.

So according to Diamondmind and the computer simulation system put together by SG of the Replacement Level Yankee Weblog, what is the best team to lose the World Series?

With help from SG of the Replacement Level Yankee Weblog and his 1,000 season simulator, Chris looks at the best team to lose the World Series.

Formerly known as the Von Hayes All Stars, Chris looks at which vets have most noticeably declined.

Turns out the greatest game of ’em all was a regular-season contest with with no greater significance beyond what happened on the field that day. Really.

In a sequel to a column from last year, Chris looks at the most pathetic starting lineups ever held hitless.

Chris doesn’t care if you like his centennial column here at THT—he doesn’t even care if you read it. He just wants everyone to scroll down and view the photos halfway into it.

A look back at the Rocky Mountain career of Clint Hurdle.

Using some new info available at b-ref, Chris examines the inside-the-park home run.

It’s Chris’ third annual comparison of order processing charges and convenience fees for all MLB teams.