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There are more than five, but Dan gives it his best shot.

Dan takes a look at the base running exploits of the Cardinals under Whitey Herzog.

Dan praises

Dan takes a look at the new book by Dayn Perry.

Dan applies a few more tests to run estimation formulas while addressing the larger topics involved.

Dan clears up some issues that came up in recent articles on competitve balance and the sacrifice fly.

Has the current collective bargaining agreement actually increased competitve balance?

Dan takes a quick look at just who scores on sacrifice flies.

Dan takes an opportunity to make corrections in his THT Baseball Annual 2006 article “Are You Feeling Lucky?”

That’s the question Dan takes on this week when considering sacrifice flies.

Dan delves into the depths of OPS as a tribute to his biggest fan.

Dan goes back to the field to look at the merits of the sacrifice in 2005.

Dan digs into the probability of a successful sacrifice.

Dan takes a second look at the walk rates of Caribbean players with a little nudging from the community at large.

Graphs, more graphs and the anger of Felipe Alou

Dan provides additional support using the log5 method to predict the results of batter/pitcher matchups.

Dan previews the base running numbers included in this year’s annual while shamelessly plugging the book.

What binomial distributions, p-values and the log5 method have to do with 5-by-7 index cards.

Dan takes a look at the book Mind Game by the writers of Baseball Prospectus.

Doug Eddings, Ozzie Guillen, and the canonical story of “but for this.”