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The White Sox blow away all contenders and claim their first World Championship since 1917. Dan takes a look at Game 4 from a Win Probability perspective.

Dan takes a look at the third baseman with speed and its relationship to the defensive spectrum.

How fast fortunes can change. Game 5 from a Win Probability perspective.

The Astros win in St. Louis to even the NLCS at one game a piece.

Dan takes a look at Game 5 from a Win Probability perspective.

When it comes to RBIs equality of outcome is governed by equality of opportunity.

In the case of the AL Central the answer is April.

Barry Bonds hits number 704 and Dan explores his visceral reaction

Rick Ankiel as the next Rube Bressler and the role of decreasing variation

Controlling the strike zone and the justification of Lloyd McClendon.

Just how useful is pitch data in assessing performance? Dan takes a quick look.

The odds of Emil Brown being a useful player and other fascinating subjects.

The miracle of getting paid to watch baseball.

Dan wraps up his series on baserunning by converting incremental bases into runs and wins

Dan refines his baserunning framework discussed last week to include park effects.

Dan rights an age old wrong and takes a five-year look at baserunning.

The many similarities of Sean Burroughs and Mark Teahen.

Another salvo in the great debate between scouts and stats.

Dan takes another look at an aging sabermetric conclusion

A look at the Smart Ball Sox of 2005 and an investigation on the reliability of the Pythagorean method in the middle of a season.