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April 15, 2013 will not be forgotten.

Projections, player comments and more, right at your fingertips.

Projections, player comments and more, right at your fingertips.

The game theory of the batter/pitcher match-up.

The headline says it all.

David reviews Lee Panas’ new book on baseball statistics.

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Debuting the newest offering from The Hardball Times.

Which players are most likely to reach 3,000 hits, 763 home runs, and 300 wins? Downloadable spreadsheet at the end!

David looks at the MVP and Cy Young races, using a model he developed for his article in The Hardball Times Annual 2010.

Can a baseball analyst beat his own projection system? David checks the results of his preseason predictions.

What does it mean to know how good a player really is? Or, how likely is Ichiro to get a hit in his next at-bat?

An explanation of what goes into Luck Independent Statistics, aka LIPS.

We’ve re-designed THT Fantasy; come take a look at all the new features!

THT authors remember John Brattain.

David runs down a list of players who he thinks will over- or underperform their THT projections.

The Hardball Times Season Preview 2009 is shipping.

THT authors debate allegations of Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use.

Whether you’re a fanatical fantasy player, or just want to see what’s up with your favorite team, the THT Season Preview 2009 is just for you.

David continues his examination of whether experience makes a difference in the playoffs.