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How will the Padres and their fans adjust to a world without Adrian Gonzalez?

I’m sorry, sir, but you cannot leave the country.

An old Bill James toy rears its head, and it remains as addictive as ever.

Thanks to a reader suggestion, our four-part series now has a fifth part: To the 1980s… and beyond!

The final installment of our four-part series covers the 1970s.

The third installment of our four-part series covers the 1950s and 1960s.

The Padres fell short in 2010, but it wasn’t for lack of glove.

This installment covers the 1920s and 1930s.

The second installment of our four-part series covers the 1940s.

Dustin Ackley was supposed to be the show, but Jason Kipnis stole it.

If the Red Sox don’t draft Reggie Harris, do they trade for Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek?

On the season’s final day, the Padres fall just short in their bid for a postseason berth.

In which the Tigers don’t throw away their first two picks.

The 1982 Braves were the last team to have a losing streak in double digits and still reach the playoffs. Could the 2010 Padres be the next?

What might Jack McDowell have meant to the ’92 A’s? Bret Boone to the ’01 Cardinals?

What if the Pirates had drafted Mike Mussina instead of Mark Merchant?

Thirty-eight of the finest high school players displayed their skills in San Diego.

The farther down you go, the worse their control gets.

No Jedi mind tricks here, just value for value.

Are Jose Bautista and Jeff Francoeur still drawing walks? Yes and no.