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Randy Newman’s song would have been better if he’d finished the line, “…to be discriminated against as baseball players.” Eh, maybe not.

There isn’t one? Well, maybe there should be.

Geoff drives 2,200 miles and watches six minor-league games in eight days.

How are the eight sophomores we examined before the season doing so far?

Reflections on Ken Griffey Jr.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Geoff takes a trip up I-15 to watch the kids at Lake Elsinore play.

Ah, the minor leagues… where pitchers chart pitches while sitting in the stands with the rest of us.

It’s not just a Grizzly Bear song.

Can listening to Radiohead make watching a Red Sox/Yankees game bearable?

Ask a simple question, get a complicated answer.

Assembling talent is hard. Keeping fans interested is even harder.

Bill James once devised a way to translate batting lines into pitching lines. It’s kind of fun.

It’s like reading tea leaves, only mathier.

A lot can change in three years, but that doesn’t mean it will.

Run support is a pitcher’s best friend, especially when that pitcher isn’t doing his job very well.

It stinks when you do good work and have little to show for it.

The best of the rest from 1901 to 1989, outfielders and pitchers.

Geoff chats with the Toronto Blue Jays right-hander and author of The Bullpen Gospels.

The best of the rest from 1901 to 1989, catchers and infielders.