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How do we know what we know, and can we be sure?

These guys hit the ball really hard but seldom struck out.

Where have all the Heinies gone?

Everyone knows about Ichiro Suzuki’s crazy 2004 season, but Brad Wilkerson deserves some love of his own.

Because Lidge over troubled waters has been done to death.

Spud, Dolph, Hal, Buddy, and the rest.

Same as it ever was? Eh, not so much.

Some of these guys turned out to be pretty good.

Geoff chats with Padres President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Garfinkel.

Who the heck is Lance Richbourg?

Joe Mauer or Ichiro Suzuki may do something that hasn’t happened in the American League in more than 50 years.

What typically happens to 22-year-old middle infielders with no previous big-league experience?

What sounds like the name of a jazz trumpeter and has three left arms?

How well did the “Favorite Toy” predict which players would hit 500 homers?

Who moved my cheese? Again?

Second verse, same as the first… only older.

Some players need more seasoning than others.

You could win a lot of games with these guys.

The hardest base to steal is first.

Adrian Gonzalez has done something this year that Ted Williams and Barry Bonds never did.