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Manny Machado takes it to the bank. Also, Cabrera, Davis, and Votto create chaos.

Yes, it’s true. Todd Helton hit a double. Some other stuff happened, too.

Can somebody—anybody—do something other than walk or strike out? I desperately want to know.

Votto and Cabrera hit like they know what they’re doing. Ankiel goes the bull-in-a-china-shop route.

Another triple crown? Something only Williams, Bonds and Ruth have done? Maybe.

Yu Darvish makes an appearance. Amazingly, I avoid bad puns.

The state of the NL Central … is strong.

An exclusive club welcomes a new member and one player sends us all the way back to the 19th century.

Will this be the first year with more than one 200-strikeout hitter?

Does Adam Dunn have a challenger? Just how much is Joey Votto going to reach base?

A certain pitcher reached a round number and Joey Votto gives us something new to track.

A familiar face is back on the radar and we have our first milestone of the season.

Which players are about to cross important milestones this year?

Part two highlights the differences between modern baseball and the dead ball era.

A surprising list of players who never led the league in a category, even though their career totals were among the all-time greats.

Pirates fans have reason to hope in 2013, but they shouldn’t get carried away.

The Reds are good. Also, Aroldis Chapman’s fastball, and maybe that Billy Hamilton kid.

We take a look at the four most interesting individual seasons of the year and chronicle some career milestones.

In baseball’s penultimate week, Miguel Cabrera makes a splash.

We’ve got a man down. A very big man.