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The Tigers have a big hole and a top prospect to trade to fill it, but a trade partner could prove difficult to find during spring training.

Once again, the media are too excited about prospects during spring training.

Melky Mesa isn’t perfect, or a good hitter, but he may be able to help the Yankees until Curtis Granderson returns.

Rule V picks make for some difficult spring training decisions, but this year’s crop offers few potential major leaguers for 2013.

Giants slugger is allowed back in the United States, but what can we expect after three years away from minor league competition?

Oakland’s acquisition of Jed Lawrie caps off a strong offseason full of all the right minor moves.

It’s going to be another tough year for the Astros, but they’ve started their rebuilding process the right way.

The NL East has caught up to and passed the Philadelphia Phillies.

Not every team is loaded with major leaguers, so plenty of prospects should get a chance to play.

The Diamondbacks had the chance to fill out their team nicely during the offseason. So why haven’t they?

The Rangers aren’t maximizing value out of the left side of the infield.

If the Marlins are going to trade their slugger, it’s imperative that they get it right.

Whether or not it works out, it’s a wise move.

Despite the question marks surrounding the players involved in the R.A. Dickey trade, it looks like both teams got what they wanted.

Don’t believe Twitter; this isn’t the worst trade ever.

They’re often the price teams pay to acquire veterans.

There are plenty of rumors surrounding the Royals and top prospect Wil Myers, making it easy to wonder what the Royals long-term plan is.

We all know that the Marlins’ latest fire sale was a disaster on a moral level, but how did it pan out baseball-wise?

A slew of interesting prospects, including several first-rounders, take the field in Puerto Rico

Billy Hamilton is the most exciting player in the minor league season, but he’s not ready for the major leagues just yet.