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The season’s final THT Awards column: Dissecting Brandon Phillips’ numbers.

The misery of having a good season for a terrible Chicago team, the brilliance of Clayton Kershaw and poor Jose Valverde.

Cliff Lee takes a tough one and Jason Kipnis ends the season on a high note.

Rangers bats betray Darvish. Hunter bags some homers.

A trio of Orioles produced a lot of true outcomes. A pair of Red Sox just produced good outcomes.

Carsten Charles gets a cheap win thanks to Soriano and Reynolds.

Two Detroit relievers execute saves that would have made last year’s Tigers bullpen look competent.

CC’s poor performance was overshadowed by the idiotic A-Rod beaning controversy.

Tigers teammates bat well. Mariano doesn’t pitch well.

The Mariners’ bullpen betrays King Felix.

Strasburg, Myers, Bumgarner and Werth feature prominently in an expanded week and a half edition of the awards.

Its the first-half review. Chris Sale and James Shields can’t buy a break. The two AL MVP candidates that were good last year are still good.

Brandon Phillips drove in a lot of runs while his slugging percentage decreased

Doug Fister has two bad starts and zero losses. And Brian McCann raises his OPS by almost 100 points.

RBIs and batting averages aren’t what they used to be—or what we thought they were.

Brian Dozier had a walking good time this week. Heath Bell is overcoming being a bad pitcher to save games.

Brandon Phillips drives in runs in a bad week and James Shields still can’t get a win.

Yasiel has to share an honor. Also, everybody was going deep into extra innings.

Dom Brown had a month’s worth of home runs in a week.

The Royals have done poorly in games started by James Shields—and in games started by pitchers not named James Shields.