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Kyle Farnsworth walked everybody and came away with a statistical oddity.

Joe Nathan’s day was easier than it would have appeared had you not looked at what part of the lineup he faced.

There really is an excessive number of lucky pitchers in the awards this week.

A pair of unexpected names posted the best numbers in the American League this week.

The Angels dominate the awards because they scored a lot of runs. Also, the Cardinals score a lot of runs when they strike out at an excessive rate and get shut down when they put the ball in play, or at least they do in a two game sample from this week.

A busy week in Denver makes for a busy week in the awards.

Paul Konerko takes a break from his regularly scheduled nice, but overlooked season to go crazy for a week.

How do enter a game with a two run lead, get charged with three runs in an inning of work, and still get a hold? Josh Outman demonstrated exactly how you do that.

Two outfielders dominate pitchers while two MVP caliber first basemen stumble.

John references the Big Lebowski, cites a lot of Coors Field games, and alludes to the dependability of Alex Rios.

John explains what he has against Alfonso Soriano.

The Rangers can hit a little bit. Also, Felix has a good start wasted. Stop me if you’ve heard any of this before.

The staggered opening days of 2012 leave a backlog of silly pitching decisions to point out. Also, refreshing our memories on what the awards represent.

The team of tomorrow, investigated today.

The Royals have a very good closer with a favorable contract at a time when everybody is handing closers crazy contracts. Should they leverage that into something they need?

No armchair shrinks allowed.

Pitching awards and franchise milestone wins and losses

Oh, how the mighty right fielders have fallen.

A hot week with the bats gives the Giants a lot of mentions in the awards.

Juan Rivera posts possibly the most amazing Carter Award entry ever. Also note the one-week spike in hold/loss combos.