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The Angels have a high degree of difficulty. A pair of catchers are striking out too often. And I’m out of Lance Berkman material.

Really, why CAN you get a save and a win in the same game?

Robinson Cano makes good. Julio Castillo? Not so much.

The only place in the American sports landscape where you won’t hear about Brett Favre or Madonna.

Jered Weaver takes the cake.

Who are you and what have you done with our Todd Wellemeyer?

Brian Burres is a lucky dog.

It was the blurst of times?

In this week’s awards, we announce a different kind of all-star.

And now for something completely different.

We’ll do it live!

This week’s awards tells you about how Dice K loses his command and gets away with it, how there are no elite AL hitters, and how Lance Berkman is doing just a little better than he was doing at this time last year.

This week’s prizes feature the very lucky Jon Garland, the very unlucky Roy Halladay, and the not very good Jose Guillen and Andruw Jones.

Leo Nunez chokes while Albert Pujols and Casey Kotchman simply never strike out.

In this edition we talk about John Kruk not seeing the forest through the trees, Trey Hillman throwing a game into the dumpster, and a lot of outliers.

The wonderful secondary skill marvel that is Carlos Pena and a surplus of lucky dog relievers highlight this week’s THT Awards.

In this week’s awards, we touch on the Tigers losing, some lucky Nats hurlers, and a really, really lucky break for a Canadian who wears goggles.