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John looks at some pretty good performances in 2006, some you might not have heard much about.

A look at Chien-Ming Wang and what the future might hold for him.

Ruminations on a World Series off day.

A look at the changes in baseball at altitude in 2006.

A look at the essence of Jeff Francoeur, wherein we try to ascertain what his future holds.

John has a look at the much-maligned Run-Batted-In.

A look at where the Mets have been in 2006 and where they are going

A sort of baseball Q & A, with some other stuff thrown in.

John borrows an idea from Bill James and has a look at the best and worst percentage players in the game.

Strange and unusual happenings in the world of baseball.

John has a look at small ball offenses in 2005. Which teams were playing small ball and which weren’t?

Where have all the triples gone?

Some more thoughts on left-handed catchers, most of them from reader e-mail.

John ranks this year’s crop of left-handed catchers. Then he tries to understand why there aren’t any.

It’s been a while since the Mets made the playoffs. That might be changing.

The best arms of 2005: center and left fielders.

A look at the 2005 season from a (very) different perspective.

John has a look at the best (and worst) outfield arms.

A look at what happens when the count goes to 3-0, with a digression on a couple of very short ballplayers, both real and fictional, and some reflections
on baseball’s Unwritten Code.

John concludes his study on how much that speedster on first base disrupts the pitcher, if at all.