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Jonah examines why R.A. Dickey could be bound for a strong second half, while Torii Hunter’s luck might be running out.

Welcome back to the Roster Doctor’s office, where the reading material is so objectionable it would make Tim Whatley scoff. This week, Eric implores us to take a look a look at his club’s power deficiency. He writes: I find myself in the most competitive fantasy baseball league I’ve ever played in. I’m 10.5 games […]

Assessing performance trends and sustainability isn’t the easiest thing to do. I can just picture some poor trader sauntering into the New York Stock Exchange on the morning of September 18, 1929 salivating over his prospects for the coming day. This principal also applies to fantasy baseball. Sometimes we’re prescient (Matt Kemp, so far), and […]

The doctor’s prescription for a steals-and-runs deficiency.

In the latest edition of Trader’s Corner, Jonah examines three players who represent decent trade candidates.

Prescriptions are free for the asking.