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Fantasy Econ 201

A look into my home league draft.

To thine own evaluations be true.

Work backward, think forward.

Playing doctor always helps.

What mostly matters is how much wood WILL the woodchuck chuck.

A player’s trade value is a lot less than you think.

Some stocking stuffers for relaxed leagues

A pitcher’s ace status is irrelevant.

Don’t let your gurus abuse language.

A little self-abuse never hurt anyone.

First, heal thyself.

What’s Werth worth?

And I didn’t sleep in a hotel last night.

What types of players are sentimental owners interested in?

Certain things about wins are predictable.

The doctor diagnoses keepers.

In fantasy baseball, the pursuit of happiness comes before liberty.

Diagnosing some trades.

Why give you hope when I can spread fear? Eleven players who are set to take a dive in the second half.