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A look at some Korean and Japanese pitchers from the World Baseball Classic

A look at some pitchers from the second round of the WBC.

The World Baseball Classic offers a chance to look at some new pitchers with PITCHf/x.

Several young pitchers who could play big roles in 2009.

A method for identifying when a pitcher is injured.

What pitches benefit from being thrown back to back?

How much more effective is a curveball when preceded by a high fastball?

Which hitters swing the most often at first pitch fastballs? Which have the most success?

Here are the facts: Angel Hernandez isn’t so bad on balls and strikes.

A look at the long time Padre closer who recently signed with the Brewers.

A look at the new Angels closer.

Before we can create a tool to identify injured pitchers, we have to study pitchers who are injured yet still pitching.

Did the Braves end up with an enormously talented front line pitcher or the headache Ozzie Guillen has been complaining about for the past few seasons?

There are about a million soft-tossing lefties out there, but only one Jamie Moyer. What separates him from the pack?

This past season was mostly a lost one for John Smoltz and the Braves. Let’s look at what he might have left for a 2009 campaign.

Last week Tim Lincecum took home the Cy Young award. Here is another look at the overpowering right hander.

Myers was a key contributor in the Phillies’ World Series run, but he needed a stint in Triple-A to get back to his previous form.

What does the rookie lefty bring to the table?

A look at the Japanese import who helped clinch the series for the Dodgers.

Some small things might play a big role.