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The Padres’ Bud Black gets a contract extension.

Volquez undergoes Tommy John surgery and might be lost for all of 2010 to the Reds.

Teams should begin to separate themselves a bit more with the parity decreased after the trading deadline.

He was pulled from his Double-A start, is he heading up?

Can you remember a more exciting trade deadline?

The trade deadline looms and a number of teams are coming to grips that 2009 is not to be their year.

It looks all but official that Matt Holliday will be a Cardinal

Manny comes off the bench with a pinch hit grand slam helping the Dodgers win.

The top teams are staying put but the middle ten or so are undergoing significant fluctuation as the season heads to a crucial July 31 point.

Carlos Quentin and Jed Lowrie are on their way back.

The AL West storms up the rankings and the NL makes some inroads in the top ten.

The Dodgers remain on top despite a miserable week with the bats.

No, Not Rivera. Jonathan Papelbon becomes Boston’s All-Time Saves leader.

As interleague closes out, the AL holds eight of the top ten spots in our rankings.

The divisions, aside from the NL West, tighten up.

The Padres win a walk off and have called up Kyle Blanks to try and inject some offense.

Raul Ibanez, Roy Halladay and Erik Bedard all land on the DL.

An 11 game winning streak from the Rockies gives them a nine game jump in this week’s rankings.

The Rockies won their seventh consecutive game last night, but they are still just shooting for the Wild Card.

Free Falling! The Royals have dropped from 91 to 81 to 71 in just two weeks.