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J.J. Putz was first demoted out of his setup role and now appears headed for surgery as his arm is still bothering him.

The AL divisions are heating up while the NL divisions are showing some big separation.

Carlos Zambrano gets six games for his contact with the umpire.

It’s a one horse race in the NL West.

The Padres and White Sox agreed to terms on a Jake Peavy deal, now it’s up to Jake.

Boston, New York and Tampa were expected to run 1-3 this season. They’re all next to each other, just not at the top.

Texas wins another walk off and the Angels win in Ervin Santana’s return

The Rangers win a walk-off in extras and the Astros score 15 and allow 11 in Colorado.

The Dodgers get a blow with Manny but the West remains a cakewalk for them.

Obviously the big news of the day is Manny Ramirez’s suspension for failing the drug policy.

The Royals and Blue Jays keep hanging around one month in.

The Sox get destroyed by the Rays and also have shut down John Smoltz’s rehab for the time being.

One Bay Area team leaves the cellar only to be replaced by another.

The Twins and Red Sox play two at Fenway and the Red Sox emerge the obvious victors.

The THT Dartboard debuts for the 2009 season bookended by NL West teams.

Midnight has passed in Seattle and a new dawn awaits a deserving city.

A look back to where teams finished last year in the Dartboard.

This week’s dartboard is brought to you by ball four and hanging curves.

From looking at the best to investigating the worst.

Most Valuable Player Edition.