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A look at one executive’s HOF credentials

Which general managers have spent their money most wisely?

With a couple of exceptions, the Hall of Fame gets it right

Matthew evaluates Hall-eligible players who are unrecognized greats.

Matt pairs players with their original National League teams.

Matthew does some player rearranging.

So, what’s the difference between best and most valuable? A look at pitching award votes yields some clues.

Could the Cardinals have won it all in 1941 if they had just brought up their young phenom a little earlier? Guy named Musial?

Matthew has fun at

A look back at last year’s interview with the top ranked pitcher in today’s draft.

Matthew’s look back at Roberto Alomar’s career is worthy of another read after the second baseman’s sudden retirement over the weekend.

A historically great infield, a historically bad pitching staff, and Barry Bonds, who is just plain historic. Plus the rest of the 2004 season through the eyes of Win Shares.

Change one thing, change everything.

Roberto Alomar was once a lock for 3000 hits and the Hall of Fame. The last few years have seriously hurt his chances for both, but he’s had a great career. Matthew looks back at a player whose greatness may be forgotten.

The second installment of Matthew’s look at what things would look like if everyone had just stayed put.

Who knew one little move could have so much impact …

Random thoughts on Mark Prior, Mike Mussina, Ken Harvey, Scott Williamson, Derek Jeter, and the race for the major awards.

The 2004 draft is over, and Matthew is already looking ahead to 2005. He sits down with 20-year-old Wichita State ace Mike Pelfrey, arguably the best pitcher in next year’s draft.

Old pitchers have been in the headlines lately, but Matthew takes a look at the old position players who are still getting the job done.

Matthew combed the minor leagues and found five diamonds in the rough.