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The sale of the Braves is more of a business deal than some other franchise sales, with family vs. corporate ownership the focus

You’ve probably never heard of Todd Radom, but you’ve certainly seen his work

The Washington Nationals are about to have new owners. Now what happens?

A look inside the revenue sharing system of MLB, as well as the latest figures.

The Royals, Marlins, A’s, Nationals and Twins have all been talked about for relocation. Now, if they only had a place to go.

Opening Day payroll numbers are out. Has your team been spending less or more than last year on players?

Rob’s got a book on baseball blunders. Maury sits down to talk with him about it.

The Nationals are here to stay. Will the team from the first or second half of 2005 show up?

Maury reviews Andrew Zimbalist’s new book that details the dramatic changes in the governance of MLB during the Selig tenure.

Buck O’Neil, Minnie Miñoso, Keith Olbermann and the Hall of Fame make for an interesting cocktail.

Maury follows up on his article in The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2006 with the first of a four part look at the next CBA.

The World Baseball Classic opens whole new avenues for MLB to experiment with marketing.

One day, Bud Selig will no longer be commissioner of baseball. When that day comes, Maury wonders who might take the position.

Maury goes over the debate on statistics, fantasy sports leagues, and the MLB Advanced Media’s attempt to impose licensing fees in conjunction with the players that generate the stats.

Maury can’t help but count the days till the word “Angelos” is removed from its association with the Orioles.

Maury finds that the Major League Baseball in Montreal almost collapsed less than 3 months after the NL awarded the club

Part 2 in a series on player agents. Maury gets perspectives from Bill James, Fred Claire, Buzzie Bavasi, Tal Smith, and Jerry Crasnick

Part one of a two-part series on the world of player agents. Legends Jerry Kapstein, Dick Moss, the Hendricks brothers are profiled.

Another year has come and gone. Here are the good and the not so good moments outside the lines in 2005.

Closing this series on the MLB consitution with a look at areas such as the Central Fund, rules regarding the clubs, how the season is structured, and the territories of the clubs.