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Watch out! The numbers say the game is getting more boring.

Looking for the game’s ultimate hackers.

Or why there are no articles by Max in October

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Digging further into the skill.

Max estimates the impact a catcher can have by framing pitches effectively.

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Poor control, release inconsistency… and a no-hitter.

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Mound heights, pitchers’ injuries, altered deliveries: a quick tour on pitching release point.

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Confirming the flaws and the strengths of the system.

Measuring pitchers’ ability to hit spots.

In the final article of the series, Max ranks the top five World Series with the help of a statistical tool.

Automation vs. the human element: a comparison of rankings of the best World Series games.

Thrilling Championship Series games

Drama in Division Series baseball through the lenses of statistical tools.

Measuring baseball at its most dramatic, with the help of some advanced statistical tools.