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Another look at a fantasy player’s roster.

Another edition of the Roster Doctor.

Roster Doctor for a 12-team mixed Yahoo head-to-head league.

A mock draft with 11 perfectly average drafters plus myself.

Updates to the original Keeper League Rules, as well as a summary of reader submissions.

What keeper league ruleset makes the most sense to help balance risk and reward?

The second portion of a fantasy player’s draft rules to live by.

A quick list of some fun rules to keep in mind on draft day.

In head-to-head, which statistics show a strong correlation between team strength and head-to-head record? Which show won-loss records that mostly reflect luck?

Now that we know who has shown a sustainable jump in FIP over the past six years, let’s see if we can apply it to 2008 statistics and make some guesses at 2009 breakout candidates.

How do we define a “breakout” pitching season? How have pitchers managed to have breakout seasons in recent years: more power, more control, more ground balls, or some combination between?

Whether playing head-to-head or rotisserie, should you focus on trades and free agent pickups that accentuate your strengths, or cover for your weaknesses?

Regardless of player talent and projections, is there an inherent advantage in having certain draft slots in fantasy baseball? Theory converges with empirical data and determines there just may be.