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Safety in first round picks, sleepers in 2012, and Zack Greinke and the power of observation in the final installment of “The Fantasy Alphabet.”

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Today’s installment discusses fantasy v. baseball world perception of value, victory, and splits.

Today’s installment discusses relief pitcher volatility, shortstop rankings in 2012, and September breakouts.

Join Nick Fleder and others to discuss fantasy baseball and all other walks of life.

Part four of the fantasy alphabet discusses rookies to watch for in 2012, PETCO pitchers, Robbie Cano’s free swinging ways, and some doubts about Martin Prado and Colby Rasmus.

Part three of the fantasy alphabet discusses Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Verlander, and Eric Hosmer, among others…

Join Nick Fleder, Brad Johnson, and others to discuss fantasy baseball, life, etc.

Part two of the fantasy alphabet…tips, observations, and thoughts about fantasy baseball and the 2012 season, in particular.

A letter-by-letter preview of Fantasy Baseball 2012: Analysis, random stats, tips and ramblings

Our first of many Roto Chats at Hardball Times Fantasy

Even rookies with jobs sealed in spring training are largely ignored on draft day. You can take advantage of that.