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There are more than five unanswered questions. But here are the five big ones as the Marlins enter yet another rebuilding process.

No team’s 2012 season is more up in the air than the Los Angeles Dodgers’.

Could Dave Duncan have transformed the Mariners into a playoff contender in the 1980s? The pieces were certainly there!

Babe Ruth almost became a member of the New York Giants. How could baseball history have changed if John McGraw had gotten his way?

I have no proof that Paul Sorrento visited a fortune teller before the 1991 season, but if he did, the results would have been eye opening.

If he gets there, he won’t be the only 3,000-hit man without a 200-hit season.

Can you imagine the Senators in Los Angeles? Or the Giants in Toronto? It could have been.

Imagine if past drafts were just a little bit different: The “What ifs?” of draft day.

Why did the hapless Phillies stay in Philadelphia and the history-rich Athletics move? William D. Cox.

Forget televising the MLB draft. The trade deadline could be a great baseball fan TV showcase.

Instead of having the All-Star Game be the Mid-Season Classic, why not have it be the spectacular season opener?

Neither has ever participated in a World Series. Through their careers, their bad luck has clobbered the odds.

The recently retired Carlos Delgado had a wonderful and respected career. But with a break here or there, he could have been a beloved New York legend.

Vernon Wells is about to start what could be the most joyous season of his solid career.

If “The Terminator” had stuck around, he might have had the resume and intangibles for a Cooperstown run

Big hopes, crossed fingers and a few expiring highlight the up coming year in Boston

It seems like the right thing to do now, but both sides will regret it.

If baseball wants to expand its appeal beyond the Northeast, then focus on the potential wide appeal of the Cincinnati Reds

Mike Morgan’s wild, weird and wonderful career has crossed paths with more than a generation of baseball greats.

How would winning the 2011 World Series affect each current manager’s Hall of Fame credentials?