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Tommy Rancel and Josh Shepardson will be taking over the reins of “Waiver Wire” beginning next week, but Rob McQuown returns from a week off to send you into Opening Day with takes on guys to consider for the “Week 0” waiver claims…

Fantasy Pros 911 threw a draft, and Rob McQuown shares his results….

With the season approaching, and the requests dwindling, we’re returning to the “roots” of Waiver Wire for the AL side, and addressing more players this week with less analysis since we know drafts are happening, and choosing specifically from the ones who were taken in under 20% of the drafts at Mock Draft Central this week.

Alexei Ramirez and “Salty” are spotlighted, along with Derek Holland this week.

Getting Wire’d this week are Nick Markakis, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Kevin Youkilis.

High-octane players this week, as Scott Kazmir, Rich Harden and Julio Borbon are reviewed.

“Andrus, Texas Ranger” and three other good players to consider this week.

The Minnesota Twins won 87 games despite a worse-than-average ERA in 2009. How do some of their starting pitchers shape up for 2010, though? These and others this week on Waiver Wire.

Outfielders Galore this week … and Scott Sizemore.

An “All Request” Week on Waiver Wire.

Big News in Detroit, as “Papa Grande” ambles into town as the new sheriff, or closer, or both. Also, some relievers to avoid, and other players.

Waiver Wire is following the news again, bringing you the latest on Adrian Beltre, Casey Kotchman, and others…

Happy New Year!!! Thanks to all the readers of THT Fantasy and Waiver Wire. This week, the Graphical Player concept of “Sentiment” is discussed, along with even more Yankees (Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson) and reader request J.P. Howell (and Soriano as well).

This week, we’re covering some guys in the news – recent signees Mike Cameron, John Lackey, and Garrett Atkins, and also the newest Mariner, Cliff Lee.

This week, two emerging sluggers, Lind and Morales, and a couple closers are examined, plus discussion on the role of “reputation,” and a preview of some of the cool graphs which give “Graphical Player” its name!

Will Dustin Pedroia’s career K total top Mark Reynolds’ 2010 mark at the end of this year? Since we did Yankees last week, it’s only fair to focus on their rivals this week, since Boston isn’t lacking in star-level roto players, either. Also, we have a treat—preview images of the “mini-browser” portion of Graphical Player 2010 for the players we’re covering!

Happy Thanksgiving! Staying focused on top players from 2009, we’re going spotlight some Yankees, but don’t expect Black Friday sales pricing on these guys in 2010. And we can all be thankful that Graphical Player ’10 is soon to be available!

Taking a cue from the NL side, we’re going a bit more in-depth this week on fewer players: The fleet Rajai Davis, Aaron Hill and Edwin Jackson.

This week on Waiver Wire, we have some requests from last week and will also consider the top SB guys in the AL…

Derek Jeter, “The Captain,” was “Mr. November” again this year, and there’s no doubt that he was a huge part of their 103-win season. See how he and others shape up as 2010 fantasy picks…