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Other than Adam Jones’ injuries, nothing scary for Halloween, as we review several good AL players and their 2010 outlooks.

We won’t be digging quite as deep as some others here at THT Fantasy have done recently, but here are some of the top roto players from 2009 (along with reader suggestions E.Santana and LaPorta), and how we see them doing in 2010.

Here at Waiver Wire, we were sure that everyone was too busy polishing their league trophies last week to consider 2010 already. OK, maybe we were all just watching the playoffs. But now, MLB is down to four teams after some quick LDS play, and we can start thinking about who to draft and who to keep in keeper leagues.

We were going to do just 5 and 5 “hits” and “misses” from Heater-sponsored Waiver Wire columns, but some “bonus” reviews found their way in…

This will be the last player-picker episode for Waiver Wire, with season-end reviews coming next week. With playoffs going, feel free to ask questions about players other than these eight, and we’ll try to reply promptly.

Sorting through the scraps in September, there are still some players worth considering for last minute category tweaks…

Eight AL players to consider picking up.

9 AL players for pick-up consideration this week.

Paul Singman covers some potential September callups who might be interesting in his recent 2-part series. We suggest reading those, and won’t re-do his work here other than expounding a bit more on Brandon Morrow.

Eight potential pickups.

Eight potential AL pickups.

Nine potential pick-ups.

The trade deadline edition.

Eight potential pickups for the AL.

Eight potential pickups.

Nine potential pick-ups in the AL.

Eight potential pick-ups.

Eight potential pick-ups.

Eight potential pickups.