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Sal learns that there are no efficient pitchers, only effective ones.

Do pitchers who control the strike zone force batters to put the ball in play?

Sal sifts through Retrosheet data to look beyond averages and evaluate plate appearances through distributions.

One pitch? Two pitches? Sal figures out how far back a hitter can remember.

We review some of the surprising performances in the first half.

Sal takes a look at how hitters react to 3-0 pitch counts.

The hits that made AL and NL Central fans swoon so far this season.

The highlights of the season so far, using Win Probability Added.

A review of Mike Stadler’s new book, The Psychology of Baseball: Inside the Mental Game of the Major Leaguer.

A look at how closers are being leveraged so far this year.

Sal adds his thoughts to the “new market inefficiency” and outlines a framework for somebody looking to play the market.

Sal tries not to get too excited (or depressed) about the first month of baseball.

Sal owns up to a mistake, and ties up some loose ends with mERA+.

ERA+ is great tool, but it may not telling us the full story when it comes to league and park adjustments.

Sal asks his wife for help in assessing the disposition of the 2007 A’s.

Sal plays general manager with money that isn’t his.

Sal takes a look at one-year contracts with team options and finds that maybe – just maybe – teams know what they’re doing.

Sal attends the MIT Sloan Sports Business Conference and shares the details of a day spent schmoozing with the more intelligent, more important, and more connected.

What happens when a batter doesn’t offer at the first five pitches? (Besides Sal screaming at the TV to get his freakin’ bat off his shoulders.)