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Cue Wolfman Jack, baby. Our American Graffiti-era competitors are ready to deliver quite a show.

In the fourth off-season of this scenario, let’s just say the trading action gets quite serious.

As Nixon and Kennedy seek the highest office in the nation, our three competitors seek the highest office in the National League.

It’s round two for the virtual triple-header. Are the Redlegs and Redbirds ready to keep pace with the orange and black?

Steve adds a new twist to the “Virtual Team” series, promising some epic competition.

What might Brian Sabean be doing to get more runs on the board in 2012?

Being overlooked and underestimated is the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks specialty. Perhaps it’s time for that to stop.

Our Tribe bagged a flag in 1965. Can they repeat those tricks in ’66? Keep the fans in heaven in ’67?

The British are invading the pop music charts. The long struggle for American civil rights is taking decisive forward strides. Are our Indians ready to make this their moment too?

Is our re-Rockified Tribe ready to make Chief Wahoo say, “Yahoo!”?

Did you just see that? Did you see that rattler strike that bumbling oaf?

What if Frantic Frankie didn’t fumble the Rock and misspend the Cash?

As July turns to August, the clarity of the NL West finish is sharpening, and some emerging images are distinctly more flattering than others.

It’s Camelot in the White House, and Wagon Train on TV. Will there be joy in Kansas City?

It’s out with the fifties, and in with the sixties. Will our version of the Athletics be entering a bold new era of competitiveness?

In years three and four, will Steve’s alternative Athletics be able to climb the stairs out of the basement?

The season’s still in its first half, but some late-season-style drama is unfolding in the Valley of the Sun.

Steve is going to Kansas City. Kansas City, here he comes. And he’s asking: What if the Athletics hadn’t been the “major league farm team”?

A month and change into the season, Steve inquires as to what sort of answers might be shaping up in response to pre-season questions regarding the National League West.

One of the very greatest went out with a thunderous bang, and then a whimper.