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Cliff Lee is on fire.

“I remember when he hit that last wall. I can still see it. He hit it flush on, boom, and he slumped right down, and that was his Waterloo.”
– Carl Furillo, talking about Pete Reiser in Bums, by Peter Golenbock.

The Diamondbacks and Cubs have both scored about 6.3 runs a game so far. No other team is above 5.4.

From 1958 to 1975, the Dodgers never raised their ticket prices. Not once.

Introducing our new pitching mechanics analyst

According to Bill James Online, Juan Pierre is in the 98th percentile in running, 2nd percentile in hitting for power. I’m surprised the difference isn’t more extreme.

Rotoworld’s Fantasy Draft Guide is available from

Bill James is back.

Ah, the good old days.

Four steps to a more batting-savvier you.

If I had been given one…

Dave looks at how A-Rod’s contract stacks up with those signed by other veterans in the recent past.

There have been several controversies in the world of baseball recently, and there’s a common thread among all of them.

Dave examines Jose Reyes’ disappointing performance down the stretch.

Are long-term contracts good for a team? And what about long-term contracts for relievers? Dave looks at the data.

The latest version of our flagship book is just about ready to ship.

We’re not talking fantasy baseball—we’re talking real money: over $2 billion in player salaries last year. Find out which players were the best and worst “deals” of 2007.

Baseball is in the middle of a baby boom.

Young playoff teams, improved bullpens, fielding awards and more.

It’s Splitsville, baby.