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With the best rotation in baseball, the Nats have surprised many with a continued hold on the top spot in the NL East.

Struggling with the long ball in Cincy, can Mat Latos be the ace the Reds traded for?

While R.A. Dickey has been the best pitcher of 2012 so far it’s been the rise in strikeouts for a knuckleball pitcher that has left most wondering if he can keep it up.

Has Adam Jones finally broken through or is his power just a surge?

While everyone was watching Daniel Bard, it was Sale making the seamless transition.

After seven starts, it looks like he’s not getting the benefit of the doubt.

The Cubs are already six games out of first in the NL Central, but LaHair has been a nice surprise.

Through the month of April, the Red Sox manager has shown that he will ignore pitch counts.

Does the newest version of this baseball sim game pass the test?

How do you handle a 52 mph hour curveball when expecting a 93 mph fastball?

Last year Aubrey Huff of all players pushed Brandon Belt after a slow start. Could the Giants make the same mistake again?

Can Mike Minor deal with right handed hitters in 2012?

The team’s season will hinge on the health of its best players,

Is a full season of Ryan Braun enough to contend in the NL Central?

In 2011 Mark Reynolds hit 30 home runs, but somehow was barely replacement-level.

From battles with injuries and holding a spot to becoming the ace of the Diamondbacks.

After his dismal 2011, the Yankees take an incentive-laden chance on a DH.

Mat Latos is making the unenviable switch from ultimate pitcher’s park to ultimate hitter’s park. Will his No. 1 status survive?

A highly flammable substance is being added to the Rockies rotation in the form of flyballs. Will the team survive the 2012 season?

More talent is emerging and players are staying behind the plate to increase their value