BOB:  World Series Fall Out and Stadium Woes

World Series rainouts and ratings

After a couple of innings that probably shouldn’t have been played, Monday night’s World Series Game 5 was suspended in the sixth inning. Tuesday’s weather wasn’t any better, and it looks like the end of the final game in Philadelphia will take place on Wednesday. That pushes a potential Game 6 back to most likely Friday unless they skip the travel day. For now, everything is a big, fat TBD.

The controversy of course has to do with MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s game time decision. He informed everyone (or anyone of importance at least) of the fact that this potentially deciding game would not end in a rain-shortened game. It seems that while the front office knew of the decision, several players on both sides weren’t aware that it was the case.

In the meantime, Saturday night’s rain-delayed Game 3 checked in as the worst-rated World Series game ever. The 6.1 rating was well below the previous record set when Game 1 of the 2006 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals ended with a 8.0 rating. Game 5’s rain-shortened ratings were the best of the series with an 8.2 rating, but that’s still the lowest-rated Game 5 ever. The average rating for the series is 8.1, and if things ended now, it would be by far the lowest rated World Series ever.

Miller Park gets a face lift

Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is going to get some upgrades for the 2009 season. The biggest change will be that all 43 Club Level Suites will be completely renovated. This will include new carpet, paint, furniture and lighting as well as flat panel televisions. The park’s FanZone Store will also get some new special sections and five meeting rooms will also get upgrades.

Marlins still hopeful for stadium in 2011

I touched on this in The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2009, but the nation’s troubled economy could set back several stadium projects. With financing tough to come by, you could see many projects that would have normally had no problem finding money hit a brick wall. The biggest case in point is the Florida Marlins’ new ballpark. The team is trying to work out a final agreement for a stadium at the Orange Bowl site, but if loan money isn’t available, you might see the timeline drawn out.

At this point, if the team doesn’t break ground until this spring, which even then is a little sketchy, Marlins fans could be looking at 2012 or possibly even beyond. The deal also relies on money from a hotel and tourism tax, and if spending begins to dry up, budget shortfalls aren’t out of the question once construction begins.

Reds extend working agreement with Mustangs

The Cincinnati Reds announced that they’ve extended their Player Development Contract with the Billings Mustangs through the 2012. Their current contract went through 2010, but with the extra two years, the Mustangs will be a Reds affiliate for 39 consecutive years when the contract is up.

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