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Jim Brosnan was a good pitcher, but we should really remember him because he was one hell of a writer.

As Zack’s mental state becomes more fragile, he remembers a difficult encounter with his dad.

A new book about the Southern League brings back a lot of fond memories.

Zack struggles with how to handle the controversy that swirled around the team during the season.

Looking for something to read? Then consider these works, each a product of an author’s imagination.

The tide of the game starts to turn and an adolescent Zack is pulled away from baseball and toward other interests.

Believing you have it all figured out can be dangerous.

An in-depth conversation about one of baseball’s most famous fights.

Zack’s memories of his father mix with the drama of his most recent season as he and his team struggle to keep pace with the opposition.

Jonah Keri’s new book, on his beloved Montreal Expos, is a fantastic read for any baseball fan.

Zack’s team ties the game on the field, but inside Zack is still tied in knots reminiscing about his father.

Digging into “Baseball GPA” and “The Sabermetric Revolution.”

The latest work by Dirk Hayhurst expertly relays the rollercoaster story of his 2010 season, one which found him sink to and recover from rock bottom.

For the first time online, here is Jon’s SABR Award-nominated essay from THT 2014.

It’s never too cold for good baseball literature

One of the offseason’s favorite timewasters.

He has a strange name, but his story is worth hearing.

Through the ages and pages, one sport is least amended of all.

A look at the newly released book about betting on baseball.