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Boston Red Sox (98-64, American League champions) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (105-57, National League champions)

The St. Louis Cardinals are headed back to the World Series for the first time since 1987.

Jim Edmonds’ homer sends the National League Championship Series to a seventh game.

Brian Gunn is depressed, thanks to Jeff Kent and Brandon Backe.

As both League Championship Series head toward classic status, it’s time to take a look at the players who have made these 10 games so amazing with their awe-inspiring performances.

Behind Beltran, Berkman and Lidge, the Astros tied the NLCS up at two games apiece.

After a 45-minute rain delay, the Cardinals took Game 2 behind back-to-back homers on a sloppy night of baseball.

Behind 10 runs on a dozen hits, the Cardinals took a 1-0 NLCS lead over the Astros.

St. Louis Cardinals (105-57, NL Central champs) vs. Houston Astros (92-70, NL Wild Card)

What was at first a Yankees blowout and a chance at history turned into a near-miracle comeback, a message that the ALCS is going to be very closely fought, and a very entertaining baseball series.

St. Louis Cardinals (105-57, NL Central champs) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (93-69, NL West champs)

From the hitter’s haven in Colorado to a couple of pitcher’s paradises on the West Coast, Aaron takes a look at how the ballparks around baseball have played this year.

Ben discusses the Cardinals, Ichiro Suzuki, and the Yankees-Twins series.

Aaron takes a look at the top performers of the second half and complains again about the illogical nature of the All-Star process.

You’ll laugh!! You’ll cry!! You’ll marvel at the adventures of those two madcap GMs, as they put together the greatest baseball team ever assembled primarily through great trades.

Sorry, we don’t think Jerry Colonna is in this one.

While pitching depth might carry a team in the regular season, front-line talent is crucial in the playoffs. Aaron examines each contender’s postseason pitching staff for clues about who might be best suited for success in October.

Aaron gets caught up on the news from the weekend.

With the help of Win Shares, Aaron looks at how the group stars in St. Louis stacks up among the all-time great foursomes in all-around value.

They’ve got the best record in baseball, the largest lead of any division leader, and no one saw it coming. Brian Gunn from Redbird Nation looks at how exactly the St. Louis Cardinals snuck up on everyone this year.

The second installment checking up on how the best prospects in baseball are doing this season.