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Both pitchers had surprisingly poor seasons and also extremely similar numbers.

Will Daniel Bard replace Jonathon Papelbon some day and is he really the guy for the closer role?

If you’re looking for speed in the outfield you have plenty of choices including Dexter Fowler and Carl Crawford.

Did the Yankees just clone Damon with a younger version when they let him go?

With a comparison like this it’s no wonder the Red Sox have shied away from dealing the young pitcher.

The super-hyped Matt Wieters looks to put it all together in 2010 and has the makings of a Mark Teixeira behind the plate.

What two players had the best BB/K rate among shortstops in 2009?

When looking for a pitcher in 2010 there might not be a bigger sleeper than Ricky Nolasco.

Another pitcher learns that keeping the ball on the ground makes all the difference in the world.

In 2009 these power hitters showed what can be done with three true outcomes.

John Lackey is the prime pitching free agent this year, but how much better than a later pick like Jason Hammel is he for your fantasy team?

Whenever one of these two lefties pitch there is almost always someone on base.

These pair of third basemen are both coming off all-star seasons, and at 24 and 25 there is definitely more to come.

East Coast lefties with a chance to finish in Top Five in AL Cy Young voting.

Denard Span does not have the positional flexibility of the pre-2009 Chone Figgins, but there are some striking similarities and possible advantages to Span.

The NL has revived Javier Vazquez, while Matt Cain battled staff ace Tim Lincecum for Giants’ ace status.

Is Chase Utley really all alone as the No. 1 second baseman? There have been many improved second basemen, but perhaps Ben Zobrist has been the biggest surprise.

Here are your prospective Cy Young winners for 2009. How do they stack up against each other though?

Plenty of outfielders and first basemen have around 30 homers this year, but what about these new comers to the group.

This was a comparison no one ever saw, but with an extreme jump in homers Aaron Hill has matched Justin Morneau in four of the five fantasy categories.