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Being overlooked and underestimated is the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks specialty. Perhaps it’s time for that to stop.

Did you just see that? Did you see that rattler strike that bumbling oaf?

As July turns to August, the clarity of the NL West finish is sharpening, and some emerging images are distinctly more flattering than others.

The season’s still in its first half, but some late-season-style drama is unfolding in the Valley of the Sun.

Despite this being a “rebuilding” year, the Diamondbacks are off to a strong start, breathing down the necks of the Giants in the NL West

With the Diamondbacks performing better than expected we look at the team’s top two pitchers. Which is better?

A month and change into the season, Steve inquires as to what sort of answers might be shaping up in response to pre-season questions regarding the National League West.

After bouncing back in 2010, Chris Young is off to a hot start. Can he sustain it?

Will competitiveness return to the desert in 2011?

Mike Morgan’s wild, weird and wonderful career has crossed paths with more than a generation of baseball greats.

The latest in the business of baseball.

Houston and Arizona boast comparable talent levels in their respective systems, but who gets the edge?

On December 7, 1976 the Seattle Mariners traded Grant Jackson to the Pirates for Craig Reynolds and Jimmy Sexton. The trade is notable, but not for the players involved.

On November 30, 1998 Randy Johnson signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. This would prove to be one of the great contracts of all-time for a pitcher. Richard looks at this and other deals.

Arizona’s new GM did much with little in San Diego.

The latest in the business of baseball.

Was Arizona’s ace worth more than Joe Saunders, Tyler Skaggs and company?

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The latest in the business of baseball.

This past week, both Mariano Rivera and Jonathan Papelbon suffered blown saves. This got Richard to think about some of the playoff blown save superlatives in baseball history.