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THT talks to Vince Gennaro about the economy’s effect on baseball.

Posnanksi has a big piece (not that he ever writes small ones) about trading draft picks. In it he cites yesterday’s Jayson Stark article approvingly, with a nod back at my comments about Stark. Two things: (1) Just to be clear, I don’t necessarily disagree with Stark’s overall “the draft it broken” argument. I think […]

In his debut article for The Hardball Times, Bruce Markusen examines the case of two-time draft king Danny Goodwin and what it could mean for potential No. 1 overall pick Steve Strasburg.

Reader Jason D. has a request: Please write about how damn stupid Stark’s piece on draft bonuses is. I’m bored at work. Gladly! Stark’s piece is about Stephen Strasburg and draft bonuses. Take it away Jayson: Fifty million bucks. Roll that around your tongue. Fifty million bucks. That’s not this week’s Powerball jackpot. That’s […]

Handicapping the 64-team NCAA bracket.

I’m out of my league when it comes to the draft, so it’s good that guys like Keith Law are around to break it down for us. Today Keith has his prediction of how the first round will play out (sorry, though, Insider only). As always, good reading and good analysis from Keith. ***Spoiler Alert!!!*** […]

A foray into college defense stats

The Nationals probably know that they’ll hear it from their fans if they fail to draft and sign Stephen Strasburg. From the sounds of it, they’ll probably hear it from their players too: The Nationals have the first pick in the June draft, so Strasburg can be theirs. All they have to do is take […]

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently announced that he’s running for governor, which prompted a quickie bio in Time Magazine which included the following: He’s a 42-year-old San Francisco native and the youngest mayor of the city in more than 100 years. He is dyslexic and was reportedly drafted by the Texas Rangers in high […]

How does NAIA baseball stack up against the levels of the NCAA?

How does NCAA Division 3 compare to Division 1?

Putting small-college baseball in context.

Ranking schools, schedules, and conferences.

Taking a look at the college/high school split in the draft.

The second portion of a fantasy player’s draft rules to live by.

Approximating the draft pick value of a Type A free agent.

Joe the Plumber? Big deal. We’ve got not one but two Joe the Baptists, plus something wild, and, of course, the so-far-second-greatest Rule 5 pick ever.

It was an unusually rich period for intriguing Rule 5 cases. We meet a Cy Young Award winner, a couple of MVPs, The Most Underrated Player in Baseball History and a space cadet.

Steve’s update of the draftee honor roll includes Fritz, Joe, Moe and Bo.

Back for the third set of requests, with four more players: Tyler Chatwood (Angels), Jacob Jefferies (Rays), Zach Stewart (Reds), and Jordan Danks (White Sox).